[Esip-agclimate] Update on presentation to USDA LTAR group

Bill Teng william.l.teng at nasa.gov
Wed Sep 18 14:22:16 EDT 2013

Hi, All:

A quick update on the presentation I gave at the LTAR group's monthly 
telecon and webex, with help from Erin who also attended (thanks!).

Presentation itself was about 40-45 min. and had three parts: ESIP 101, 
couple of my NASA-funded projects with USDA plus one with CUAHSI, and 
data products and applications of GPM and SMAP. Thanks to Carol for the 
ESIP 101 slides and to Dalia Kirschbaum and Barry Weiss for the slides 
for the two missions. I only presented on my projects, because those 
were the only ones I know.:-) As we've discussed before, we'll be 
inventorying the ESIP membership for other agriculture-related projects. 
Right now, the only other project I know for sure is Menas' with USDA 
NIFA. There weren't many questions from the LTAR group. But, after 
they've had a chance to further review the slides presented, I plan to 
follow up with Mark Walbridge. Mark did mention during the telecon that 
there is a just-released LTAR roadmap posted on the LTAR web site. I 
checked but couldn't find it. I'm waiting for a response from Mark on that.



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