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Nancy Hoebelheinrich nhoebel at kmotifs.com
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Bill and I are sending this request out to the list to see if anyone is
interested in participating in this webinar series on behalf of the
Ag-Climate cluster as described below.  Both of us feel that we have a lot
on our plates in the next few months, but wanted to see if others are
interested in either taking the lead, or helping out significantly in
setting up ideas and speakers for this topic.  Please let us know, if so.
We had thought about discussing the Climate Resilience Toolkit pipeline that
we've been working to develop, but think we'd need other ideas to include
besides that topic.  Any ideas / interest?  Thanks for considering!





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Agriculture and Climate ESIP cluster participation in the ESIP webinar
series on "Socioeconomic value of Earth Science Data, Information, and


Fri, 22 Jun 2018 08:32:45 -0600


Arika Virapongse  <mailto:av at middlepatheco.com> <av at middlepatheco.com>


william.l.teng at nasa.gov, nhoebel at kmotifs.com


Erin Robinson  <mailto:erinrobinson at esipfed.org> <erinrobinson at esipfed.org>,
Francoise Pearlman  <mailto:jsp at sprintmail.com> <jsp at sprintmail.com>, Jay
Pearlman  <mailto:jay.pearlman at ieee.org> <jay.pearlman at ieee.org>


Hello Bill and Nancy, 


How are you? I believe that we've met at past ESIP conferences and events.
Erin Robinson suggested that I reach out to you both because you are
co-chairs of the Agriculture and Climate ESIP cluster. 


I'm leading the coordination of ESIP's first webinar series on
"Socioeconomic Value of Earth Science Data, Information, and Applications"
that runs from June-December 2018 (see below for more information about the
series). The series highlights ESIP's theme this year on "Realizing the
Socioeconomic Value of Earth Science Data", which is also part of ESIP's
organizational mission. 


We had a very successful first webinar (see here
mlK0/edit?usp=sharing>  for more information). For the last 3 webinars
(Oct-Dec), we would like to highlight the activities of ESIP community
groups. Would your cluster be interested in leading the webinar for Oct 2nd
or Nov 6th? 


The webinars are tentatively planned as a 3-person panel with a moderator.
However, this structure is flexible. Please let us know if you might be
interested in this opportunity. 








"The socioeconomic value of Earth Science data, information, and

June-December 2018

Hosted by Earth Science Information Partners ( <http://esipfed.org/> ESIP)


This six-part webinar series explores the socioeconomic value of Earth
Science data, information, and applications by addressing three main
questions: How does Earth Science data contribute socioeconomic value and to
societal benefits? What are different quantitative and qualitative ways that
can be used to assess and measure this value? And, what are the challenges
and opportunities for enhancing how Earth Science data contributes
socioeconomic value? The flow of data from the initial observations, to the
formulating of information, and its integration into decision-support
systems is addressed. 

Webinar schedule

 All webinars are held the first Tuesday of the month from 10:30 - 11:30 AM
MT at  <https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/809085733>

 June 5th:         Does it matter? The Socioeconomic Value of Earth Science
data, information, and applications (completed)

August 7th:      Value chain issues in Earth Science data flows 

September 4th:  Measuring and assessing socioeconomic value

October 2nd:    ESIP cluster (TBD)

November 6th: ESIP cluster (TBD)

December 4th: ESIP cluster  (TBD)





Arika Virapongse, Ph.D.

Middle Path EcoSolutions

The Ronin Institute








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