[Esip-agclimate] ESIP Summer Meeting Updates

Brian Wee bwee at massiveconnections.com
Fri Jun 26 14:39:31 EDT 2020


Bill Teng and I would like to bring the following two ESIP summer meeting
activities to your attention:

   1. *Event #1, introductory tutorial to ontologies, 2020-07-13, Monday,
   1200 hrs Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4)*. The event is a free
   pre-conference learning opportunity co-organized by the ESIP Semantics
   Technology Committee and Agriculture and Climate Cluster. This introductory
   tutorial to ontologies
   an overview of what ontologies are, how ontologies foster collaboration,
   and how ontologies contribute to enhancing data and information
   interoperability. If you have heard about ontologies mentioned in the
   context of the FAIR Principles, or wondered how a machine is able to
   retrieve datasets described as "precipitation" when a user searches for
   "rain", or how concept maps and ontologies are related, you might be
   interested in attending this tutorial. Please register by 2020-07-09.
   Details can be found at this wiki page
   2. *Event #2, ESIP meeting session, 2020-07-14, Tuesday, 1400 - 1730 hrs
   Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4)*. The ESIP summer session "Community
   concept mapping for data-to-decisions – Use cases in climate adaptation,
   disaster planning, and disaster response" <https://sched.co/cIui> provides
   an overview of the concept mapping experiment that was undertaken over the
   last few months, provides a forum for individuals to participate in new and
   ongoing work, and provides direction to future Agriculture and Climate
   Cluster activities.

The information above, as well as all the information related to the
concept mapping experiment, can be found on the ag and climate cluster's
concept mapping activity wiki page

Bill and I will be back in touch soon about the upcoming Tuesday July 7
monthly cluster call (1500 hrs Eastern Daylight Time).  Before you
disappear for the July 4 break next week, please mark that spot on your

- Brian
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