[Esip-agclimate] ACC monthly call | Tuesday 2021-08-03 @ 1500 hrs EDT

Brian Wee bwee at massiveconnections.com
Thu Jul 29 15:18:19 EDT 2021

Hello Agriculture and Climate Cluster (ACC):

We resume our normal schedule of monthly calls next Tuesday 2021-08-03 @
1500 hrs EDT.  The schedule of calls and Zoom information can always be
found at the ACC wiki page

Next week, as a follow-on to last week's ACC and Semantic Harmonization
Cluster workshop
Bill Teng and I have invited Dave Zader (Wildland Fire Administrator for
the Boulder, CO Fire Department, retired) and Dave Jones (co-chair of the
ESIP Disasters Lifecycle Cluster) to get together for a work-session during
the ACC monthly call.  Together, we aim to scope out some near-term
activities that could result in a deliverable that Dave Zader would be able
to use for his fire management needs.

Please write Bill Teng and I under separate cover if there are themes for
future meetings that you would like to explore, collectively, as a
cluster.  The themes can be inspired by past ACC activities, or something
new that is relevant to an emerging community need.  As announced last week
at the ESIP meeting, the January 2022 winter ESIP meeting is slated to be
in Annapolis, MD.  It would be ideal to organize cluster activities that
lead to some major juncture in January 2022.

- Bill Teng + Brian Wee
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