[Esip-agclimate] ACC monthly call next Tuesday (2021-09-07) 1400 hrs eastern (NOTE: revised time)

Brian Wee bwee at massiveconnections.com
Thu Sep 2 16:31:42 EDT 2021

Hello Agriculture and Climate Cluster (ACC) and ACC friends:

*1.  ACC monthly call next Tuesday (2021-09-07) 1400 hrs eastern (NOTE:
revised time).*  The monthly ACC calls have been revised to 1400 hrs
eastern time.  The zoom URL is https://tinyurl.com/tamfarfj.  If you need
call-in numbers and additional information, visit the "Get Involved" panel
on the ACC wiki

*2.  Agenda for 2021-09-07.*  Quite a lot has transpired since the ESIP
2021 Summer Meeting session 'Identifying technology capabilities that meet
wildfire science and practitioner requirements
There are two agenda items for next Tuesday related to the summer meeting.

*Item #1.  Tutorial on how to create a knowledge graph.  *The meeting will
start with a 20 minute tutorial on how to use the free web application
arrows.app to create your own mini knowledge graphs.  You may have heard
knowledge graphs increasingly mentioned in various ESIP orbits: this primer
will provide a brief walk-through on how to experiment with creating your
own graphs.  If you are further interested in participating in our planned
ACC activities leading up to the winter 2022 meeting (item #2 below), then
arrows.app will come in handy.  Take a look at the recent ESIP meeting
poster on wildfire data and information interoperability
the tutorial will recreate part of the knowledge graph at the bottom
right-hand-side of the poster.

*Item #2.  Draft plan for ACC activities.*  Following up on a discussion
with the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Bill and I drafted a plan
(represented as a figure below) that we are seeking your input on.  We
think the plan will take advantage of ESIP's expertise in data integration
and data interoperability to address challenges that were raised at the
ESIP 2021 summer meeting and a 2019 Moore Foundation report on responding
to wildfires
 Individual(s) from the ESIP envirosensing cluster will also be involved.
If the figure below does not display properly, you can also see this
full-sized version

See you next week, and have a great upcoming Labor/Labour day weekend.

- Brian

[image: ESIP ACC 2021-2022 Workplan.jpeg]
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