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Brian Wee bwee at massiveconnections.com
Tue Nov 16 14:36:35 EST 2021

Hello Agriculture and Climate Cluster (ACC) and ACC friends:

*1.  Wildfire impacts and knowledge graphs.  *One of the two speakers at
the Semantic Harmonization Cluster's speaker tomorrow (Wednesday,
2021-11-17, 1400 hrs *EASTERN*) is Mark Schildhauer who will be talking
about an NSF-funded project called "KnowWhereGraph: Enriching and Linking
Cross-Domain Knowledge Graphs using Spatially-Explicit AI Technologies".
Part of the KnowWhereGraph talk will touch on wildfire impacts.  As many of
you will remember, ACC partnered with the Semantic Harmonization Cluster
for a joint session at the recent 2021 ESIP Summer meeting.  Zoom
coordinates for the meeting can be found below.

*2.  UAS and wildfires.  *Lindsay Barbieri, the ESIP Agriculture & Climate
Information Fellow, will be presenting on behalf of ESIP and the ACC at a
USDA-funded "UAS fire integration workshop" tomorrow (Wednesday
2021-11-17).  Linsday's invited presentation is titled "sUAS Data Sharing
Guidelines".  The ideas in her talk will be integrated into the 2022 ESIP
January Meeting session "In-situ and remotely-sensed data integration for
wildfire management".

*Coordinates for Semantic Harmonization Cluster call: *
Wednesday, 2021-11-17, 1400 hrs EASTERN
Meeting ID: 869 7393 9564
Passcode: 751888

- Brian W.
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