[ESIP-all] "Buy Now" button for ESIP web pages

Patricia Reiff reiff@ruf.rice.edu
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 14:07:01 -0600

Danny:  (and the federation)

At the last ESIP federation meeting, the COMDEV committee voted:

1.  To encourage as many ESIPS as possible to put their products into 
the Ecom server gateway,  (so, everyone, let Hans Huth know if you 
have products we can list - it is working quite well now!  It can be 
used, I would think, for digital downloads as well as physical 
products, but so far it only has physical products listed)


2.  To ask you to put a "buy now" button next to ESIP products listed 
on the ESIP web site, that would "burrow" into the COMDEV site 

I am grateful that you made a big "ecommerce gateway" button on the 
top ESIPFED page, but a button also next to each product where listed 
elsewhere would be good.

For example, I just now went to the ESIP "education center" and did a 
search on products.  Several of the products listed (hey, including 
my "Earth Update"), are also in the comdev site.  A cute "buy now" 
button, next to each listing, could then go directly to the page in 
the comdev site.

For example, for my Earth Update CD, you could use this link:




would take them to all my products.

(Hans can correct me if these are not the best links to use).

Now that we are heading into "no cost extension time", sales are 
really important!