[ESIP-all] Special EPO events April 3-4, 2003

Patricia Reiff reiff@ruf.rice.edu
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 16:50:48 -0600

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<html><head><style type="text/css"><!--
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 --></style><title>Special EPO events April 3-4,
<div>To my friends interested in education and public outreach:</div>
<div>This is to invite you to some special EPO events at Washington,
DC, April 3 and 4, 2003, sponsored by the Universities Space Research
Association.&nbsp; You need not be associated with a University in
order to come!</div>
<div><font color="#000000">On Thursday evening April 3 (5 pm), there
will be a cash bar and reception, followed by a special fulldome
digital planetarium show (6 pm) at the Air and Space Museum.&nbsp;
Afterwards, there will be a dinner at the Capitol Holiday Inn.&nbsp;
The dinner speaker will be Dr.<b> Carolyn Sumners</b> from the Houston
Museum of Natural Science on &quot;Innovative Methods in Public
Education&quot;.&nbsp;</font>&nbsp; She will show how fulldome digital
theater is created, and&nbsp; how it has demonstrated a clear
superiority in teaching 3-dimensional subjects.</div>
<div>On Friday morning, April 4, there is a special symposium open to
the public.&nbsp; This year the topic is &quot;Innovative Methods of
Public Outreach and the Science Pipeline&quot;.&nbsp; The time is 8 am
- 12:15 pm, and it will be at the Holiday Inn Capitol Hill.&nbsp; (the
USRA annual meeting will follow)</div>
<div>The speakers will be</div>
<div><b>Adena Loston</b>, NASA Associate Administrator for
<div><b>Kathie Olso</b>n, Associate Director for Science, OSTP</div>
<div><b>Richard Alo</b>, University of Houston&nbsp; and</div>
<div><b>Ramon Lopez</b>, University of Texas at El Paso.</div>
<div>The symposium is open to all interested parties; registration is
recommended but not necessary.</div>
<div><font color="#000000">Reservations for the dinner are<b>
required</b>; contact Maria Turney at USRA headquarters</font>
&lt;mturney@hq.usra.edu&gt;<font color="#000000"> before March
<div><font face="Charcoal" size="+1" color="#000000"><br></font></div>
<div><font color="#000000">For more details and a pdf of the symposium
brochure, see</font></div>
<div><font face="Charcoal" size="+1"
<div>Hope to see you there!&nbsp; Your University need not be a member
of USRA in order to come to the Symposium, but if your University is
involved in space or earth science research, it should belong!&nbsp;
For a list of member institutions, see<font face="Charcoal" size="+1"
color="#000000"> http://www.usra.edu/members/</font></div>
<div>Best wishes and see you there... !&nbsp; Feel free to spread the