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Howard Burrows ghburrows at attbi.com
Fri Apr 25 13:14:33 EDT 2003

Products and services demonstrate the accomplishments of the ESIP
Federation.  They serve to anchor the other Standing Committee activities:
Engagement, Education, Technology, and Commercial Development.  As mentioned
in Dave Jones' recent email, the annual meeting this summer (July 28 - 31 in
Boulder, CO) is organized into five domains: Air, Land, Water, Life, and
Earth Systems.
Every ESIP has products and/or services that relate to one (or even many) of
these domain categories.  It is not critical that you fit into just the
right category at this time, as we expect to shuffle things to balance the
resulting taskforces as we go along.  In addition, once everything is
translated into domain metrics and a web presence for each, we will use
ample cross references to assure that people can find your work.
There are three dimensions to the ESIP Federation: 1) the Earth science
domains, 2) the production chain represented by the ESIP types, and 3)
shared cross cutting activities captured by the Standing Committees.  This
meeting is being set up according to the science domains.  We want to
capture the second dimension within each domain to show the stages including
raw data, science processing, and public use opportunities for data and
information.  We will then hold separate breakouts to capture the
cross-cutting Standing Committee issues like education issues or common
tools and technologies, bringing ideas together from all domains.
The purpose of this email is to recruit participation from each ESIP type to
represent appropriate ESIP products and services for each domain.  Many of
you have contacted me about how to get involved in the work of the Products
and Services Standing Committee.  Dave's recent email provides the way.
Please sign up to participate in these domain taskforces.  The domains have
been broken up into Earth science topics.  In order to assure that we have
public use applications from each of these domains, the following lists some
examples of the sort of public uses that might link to each science domain:
     Coastal Management
     Water Management 
     Agricultural Competitiveness
     Community Disaster Management
     Early Warning for Homeland Security
     Community Growth
     Public Health
     Invasive Species Management
     Air Quality Management
     Aviation Safety
     Carbon Management
     Energy Forecasting
Please send Dave's form to Carol Meyer or contact her with any questions.  
   Carol B. Meyer
   Assistant Director
   Foundation for Earth Science
   1-877-870-3747 (phone)
   919-870-7141 (fax)
   carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org
Feel free to contact me at any time about Products and Services interests.
Howard Burrows
Chair, Products and Services Standing Committee
email: ghburrows at attbi.com
web: http://www.ausi.org <http://www.ausi.org/>  
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