[ESIP-all] FYI: tutorials at JCDL 2003

Jim Frew frew at bren.ucsb.edu
Wed Apr 30 13:39:06 EDT 2003

The Alexandria Digital Library Project (http://www.alexandria.ucsb.edu/)
will be presenting a pair of half-day tutorials at JCDL 2003
(http://www.rice.edu/jcdl03/), the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries,
that may be of interest to the ESIP Federation community.

"Introduction to Georeferencing in Digital Libraries"

	This tutorial covers the broad scope of georeferencing,
	including an overview of types of georeferenced objects and
	their characteristics; fundamental concepts of geospatial
	referencing; georeferencing structures of metadata standards
	(MARC, FGDC, Dublin Core, and more); gazetteers and their role
	in translating between textual and geospatial location
	referencing; supporting database architectures; and geospatial
	matching in information retrieval. In the process, the major
	information management standards for geospatial description,
	retrieval, interoperability, and information exchange will be
	identified. The tutorial is based on the experience of the
	presenters with the Alexandria Digital Library (ADL) Project at
	the University of California, Santa Barbara, but is not intended
	to be about the ADL itself but rather about the broader
	principles and practices of georeferencing in digital libraries.

"How to Build a Geospatial Digital Library"

	The aim of the tutorial is to familiarize participants with the
	overall technology and with the specific procedures and software
	involved in setting up a stand-alone or distributed Alexandria
	Digital Library (ADL) node. As a case study, we will focus on a
	collection of USGS Digital Raster Graphics (DRG) maps. However,
	the technology we present is much more general: it can be
	applied to collections of any georeferenced library objects and,
	further, to collections of any objects to which a structured
	discovery technique can be applied. Based on Open Source
	components and open protocol standards (including Java,Tomcat,
	XML, JDBC, SQL), the ADL software is freely available and can be
	installed on all common software and hardware platforms.

If you're interested in either/both of these, you can sign up for them
(and for the rest of the conference) at

JCDL is *the* conference for the digital library community, well worth
attending if you want to find out just what this field is all about.


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