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Dave Jones dave at stormcenter.com
Tue Jul 8 13:51:00 EDT 2003

July 8, 2003
Dear ESIP Federation Members:
Our semi-annual Federation meeting is only a few weeks away and I want
to take this opportunity to encourage your attendance and participation
in this very important meeting.  The meeting affords a unique
opportunity for developing new collaborations and building upon existing
relationships to further the Federation goals in Earth science.  The
meeting format is structured to foster and nurture new ideas and
approaches for continuing the good work Federation members have
initiated.  New partnerships will emerge that strengthen the Federation
and new funding opportunities will be explored.
As you know, NASA announced the REASoN awards last week.  Many of us who
applied were not chosen for this most competitive award.  While I'm sure
there is disappointment about not being selected for a new round of
funding, I want you to know that this year will be a pivotal year in
attracting new sources of funding. This is a time when the Federation
needs its members to remain together, to work with our new partners and
show the potential funding organizations of the Foundation for Earth
Science that we have lots to offer from key research to education,
applications and technology.
In fact, through the work of the ESIP Federation during the past 5
years, we have gained much.  We have united disparate organizations by
emphasizing our common elements and we have strived to serve our
community and the public good.  In this new phase, none of that has
changed.  The ESIP Federation will continue to grow and will make big
strides toward becoming a more broadly representative association of
diverse Earth science interests.  The Foundation for Earth Science has
built a strong base of operations and is beginning to work on our
behalf, not only by expanding our funding base but also by providing the
continuing professional support required to grow this collective
With our semi-annual meeting only a few weeks away, I hope that you will
continue to be an active partner in this unique organization.  Your
contributions have been valuable in the past and will continue to be
important to advancing the work of this dynamic organization.  It is
with your help that the ESIP Federation is poised to be THE organization
for the Earth science community.  
I look forward to seeing you in Boulder in a few weeks.  We have a lot
of business to conduct during the week.  Not only are all offices up for
election at the meeting, your input into the evolution of our 5 domains
is critical.  The ESIP Federation always has been strengthened by its
members' contributions and it is my hope that this will continue. If you
have any questions about the upcoming meeting, please feel free to
contact me (dave at stormcenter.com) or Carol Meyer
(carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org) for more information.
Warm regards,
Dave Jones
President & CEO
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