[ESIP-all] Voting status and assigning proxies

Goodman, Michael Michael.Goodman at nasa.gov
Wed Jul 16 17:24:37 EDT 2003

ESIP Colleagues,

VOTING STATUS: The ESIP Federation will hold elections and conduct business
on the afternoon of Wednesday, 30 July 2003 during the Boulder, CO meeting.
The meeting will be governed by the constitution and bylaws of our
organization.  As such, we request that voting representatives be assigned
prior to the meeting.  The current list of voting representatives and the
ESIP's voting status is in the attached spreadsheet.  Any ESIP that has not
voted in both of the two previous elections has been assigned a "non-voting
status".  To regain voting status the ESIP only has to vote in the next
election.  Those ESIPs who are in non-voting status are highlighted in red.
Those ESIPs who did not vote in the last election are highlighted in yellow
and must vote in this upcoming election or they will be subsequently
assigned non-voting status.

REQUEST FOR PROXY: If the voting representative will not be present during
the Wednesday, 30 July voting session, it is requested that they he/she
assign a proxy to vote for them.  The voting representative must send
written (hardcopy or e-mail) notice to Carol Meyer
(carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org).   A proxy may be assigned
in-person prior to the election.  A voting representative may only represent
(vote) his/her ESIP.  Thus a voting representative at the meeting may not be
a proxy for another ESIP.

 <<Assembly Reps.xls>> 
Michael Goodman
Constitution and Bylaws Committee

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