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Dick Wertz dick.wertz at earthsciencefoundation.org
Fri Sep 5 16:28:41 EDT 2003

	Dave Jones and I are working on a proposal relating to the restoration of
the freshwater marshes in the Tigris Euphrates delta in Southern Iraq.  The
proposal that will go to potential funding sources in Kuwait will suggest
that there are member organizations within the ESIP Federation that could
use remote sensing data to study the factors causing the degradation of the
marshes and propose possible solutions.  It will also suggest that all
member organizations in the Federation will be given the opportunity to
submit concept papers from which the study partners would be selected.  My
problem is this.  While I cannot describe what the mix of projects in the
proposed study will be (because of the competitive feature), I need to be
able to demonstrate several possible approaches that might surface.  For

"High resolution topographic pictures of the Tigris and Euphrates River
Valleys and the Shatt al Arab (the delta) from the Landsat
satellite series could provide a clear before (1990) and after (2003)
assessment of the extent of freshwater marsh
degradation in the delta and the factors contributing to the reduced levels
of freshwater flowing into the delta region."

	If your ESIP has a possible approach for using remote sensing data in a
study of the Iraqi freshwater marshes, please give me a short paragraph ASAP
for the proposal.  If possible, the paragraph should tie the anticipated end
results with the sensing source and sensing delivery method.  Key issues of
concern include: (1) the reduction of freshwater flowing downstream in the T
& E Rivers because of diversion projects initiated since 1990, (2) the
increased flow of salt water upstream resulting from the lower levels of
freshwater flow and (3) the incursion of saltwater from the coastal aquifers
into the inland freshwater aquifers.

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