[ESIP-all] Draft for Email Notification to HQ

Vanessa Griffin vanessa.l.griffin at nasa.gov
Mon Sep 15 15:35:35 EDT 2003

Mary Ann:

here is draft language for the email to HQ.

LaRC DAAC Risk Mitigation Approach for Hurricane Isabelle

Faced with the probability of encountering strong hurricane force winds and 
storm surge and extreme rainfall with associated flooding, the LaRC 
Atmospheric Competancy has decided to close down operations of the LaRC 
DAAC and to move all data  tapes from the archive silos at the DAAC to a 
secure facility 50 miles inland from their location.

The ESDIS Project expressed concern regarding the risk of handling and 
transporting the tapes and the risk of moving the tapes from (and back 
into) the silos.  The EOSDIS Maintenance and Development Contractor has 
provided guidelines to the LaRC DAACs on preferred methods for packing and 
transporting the tapes.

LaRC has not made an estimate of the length of time required to remove, 
transport (both ways), reinstall the tapes and restore the silos databases, 
but the DAAC may be shutdown for several weeks.  The LaRC DAAC Manager has 
notified the Principle Investigators of the EOS instruments supported about 
the risk mitigation action LaRC is taking.


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