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The Earth Observing System ClearingHOuse (ECHO) allows scientists and
developers to build their own tailored user or machine-to-machine
interfaces for accessing EOS data. ECHO is an enabling framework that
allows different data systems and services to work together.  An open
system, ECHO's application program interfaces (APIs) are published for
use by the user community.  The idea is to extend available Earth
science resources from the science community, to the science community.
ECHO accomplishes through a metadata clearinghouse and service broker
application program interfaces (APIs) based on XML and web service


You are invited to attend a series of ECHO Training sessions being held
November 3-6 at and near the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center in
Greenbelt, MD.   (See schedule below). This session is intended for data
provider and client provider developers who will be programming to ECHOs


The objectives of this training are twofold:

1)      For prospective providers of data,  give fundamental knowledge
of ECHO functions and processes that will enable those providers to
participate in and contribute fully as an ECHO partner.   For current
ECHO data providers, provide an opportunity to refresh their knowledge
of ECHO and thus improve  productivity in working with ECHO

2)      For prospective providers of clients,  give fundamental
knowledge of how to develop a client that can interact with ECHO.   For
current ECHO client providers, provide an opportunity to refresh their
knowledge of the basics of interaction between clients and ECHO.


NOTE:  Data provider training is scheduled for days 1-2;  Client
provider training for days 3-4.  You may attend the entire weeks'
training, or just the days that best fit your organization's needs.


Please RSVP by September 30th (September 24 for Foreign Nationals).
If you are a foreign national,  your RSVP by September 24 should include
a faxed copy of your passport and visa.   There is additional paperwork
you'll need to fill out by September 24 as well.


For each attendee, please provide the following information:

Attendees Name

Which day(s) you're attending (Note:  Hands-on sessions are

Are you a US Citizen or a Green Card holder:

Do you have a picture NASA badge of some sort (if so, bring it) 

e-mail address:

phone number:



All RSVP information should be sent to:
Robin Pfister


Email:  Robin.G.Pfister at nasa.gov

Fax:  301-614-5267




Schedule and Tentative Topics:    


Monday November 3, Data Provider Lecture  (open to about 45 attendees)

Metadata Ingest, Error reporting, BMGT/Historical data export, Access
Control Lists, Adding a new collection/dataset, Valids for ECHO, How to
accept orders, How to give ECHO feedback on orders, How to maintain
provider level information, Information about ECHO's metadata
subscription capability, the Provider User Management Program, metadata
reconciliation and update..


Tuesday November 4, Data Provider hands-on training (limited to 16
programmers and/or ECHO operators)

Using the basic user interfaces for controlling access to metadata in
ECHO, Updating contact information at the provider level, the ingest
process from the Provider's viewpoint, Accepting orders, Updating order
status, Use of the Provider User Management Program.


Wednesday November 5, Client Provider Lecture  (open to about 45

ECHO message passing basics, ECHO-provided Services, Catalog Service -
ACL impacts and more, Subscription Service, User Account Service and
registration service rehash, order entry service, checking status of
orders, provider profile service, the java facade.


Thursday November 6, Client Provider hands-on training (limited to 16

Registering, user account service, catalog service, order entry service,
status checking, provider profile service.


Mark Nestler
ECHO System Development Program Manager
Global Science and Technology, Inc.
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