[ESIP-all] FW: Federation Materials for NASA

Carol Meyer carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org
Tue Sep 16 15:22:11 EDT 2003

Frank Lindsay asked that I send this to you


Hello to all,

I am following up on an email Martha had sent a week or so ago to 
Federation partners requesting some help in assembling information on 
data and information system develops fostered by the Federation.  I 
have already gotten some feedback from several folks, thanks in 
advance for your help.  I have also had a few questions regarding 
form, content, and so forth.  To help address this I put together the 
attached powerpoint slide.  This single slide is set up as a "quad 
chart" where the story of your development efforts can be displayed 
in a single go.  The heading listed are intended to give you a 
framework for presenting this information.  You are of course not 
limited to this single slide but some may find it helpful to organize 
any materials you wish to send in.

I'm always open to questions or comments and thanks again for your time.



Francis Lindsay
Office of Earth Science
Code YF
NASA Headquarters
Washington DC 20546-0001

voice +1 (202) 358-1757
FAX   +1 (202) 358-2769
Francis Lindsay <flindsay at hq.nasa.gov>
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