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Martha Maiden martha.e.maiden at nasa.gov
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FYI - and congratulations to our ESIP organization at UAH  for the new release.

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>Subject: New and Updated ESML Releases (fwd)
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>Date: Monday, October 13, 2003 8:19 AM -0500
>From: Ken Keiser <keiser at itsc.uah.edu>
>Ken Keiser
>Information Technology and Systems Center
>University of Alabama in Huntsville
>Technology Hall
>Huntsville, AL 35899
>Email: keiser at itsc.uah.edu Web:  http://www.itsc.uah.edu/
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>Subject: New and Updated ESML Releases
>The Information Technology and Systems Center (ITSC) at the University
>Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) announces updates and new releases of binary
>packages for the Earth Science Markup Language (ESML).
>ESML is an interchange technology that enables data (both structural and
>semantic) interoperability with applications without enforcing a
>standard format within the Earth science community.
>The following binary deliverables are now available at
>http://esml.itsc.uah.edu for both Linux
>and Windows platforms.
>ESML v3.0.1 - core ESML library
>BinaryPlugin v1.1 - plugin for binary format
>HDFEOSPlugin v1.1 - plugin for HDF-EOS format
>PyESML v1.0 (for ESML v 3.0.1) - Python interface for ESML library
>New releases:
>AsciiPlugin v1.0 - plugin for ASCII format
>NetCDFPlugin v1.0 - plugin for NetCDF
>Grib2DPlugin v1.0 - plugin for GRIB format
>ESMLEditor v2.0 - ESML editor utility
>The ESML specifications, software, documentation and additional
>information are available on the web at http://esml.itsc.uah.edu.  The
>software is freely available for education and research purposes.
>Information Technology and Systems Center
>University of Alabama in Huntsville
>Huntsville, AL
>esml at itsc.uah.edu
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