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Richard Ullman Richard.E.Ullman at nasa.gov
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Dear ESE Stakeholder:

Please pardon multiple postings, I've sent this to a composite of several mailing lists.

HQ, under Martha Maiden, has sponsored an effort to develop new strategies for data systems evolution. That work identified data systems standards as a central enabling component of the ESE's data systems future.  As a result, the ESE formed a working group to facilitate the recommendation of standards for adoption by ESE management.  The ESE Data Systems Standard Process Group (SPG) was first convened last month.  

We are seeking your suggestions for identifying relevant ESE data systems (e.g. file formats, metadata content, data discovery and access protocols, science content, and naming conventions) where 'standardization' could be beneficial. Your input will help us to advance a formal process to identify and adopt potential standards that are of high interest to the ESE stakeholder community.  Your project or institute will benefit from this process because common community standards facilitate: 

- Easier sharing or exchanging of data among distributed partners and users,
- Distributed systems development, 
- Sharing of software and technical expertise, and
- Reducing the cost of developing or maintaining a system. 

In order to identify a candidate list of standards, please take a few minutes to discuss one or both of the following questions with your research team, technical staff, or project group.  

What are the TWO most needed standards for your projects or data system?


Can you identify two scenarios or uses where a standardized approach would benefit your work by facilitating data sharing or exchange with others, or by allowing you to provide services to or receive services from them?

Please include a brief description of your discussion and list the two suggested items or scenarios.  Brief background information about the SPG process and examples of standards in use in ESE data systems is appended to this letter. 

Please reply to the SPG chair, Richard E. Ullman <richard.e.ullman at nasa.gov> by March 5, 2004 (by e-mail).  The SPG will post the (anonymized) results of this request for suggestions on the SPG website, http://eos.nasa.gov/seeds/SPG. Your suggestions will have a significant impact on the future development of ESE data standards and system interfaces.

Best Regards,


The SEEDS Standard Process Group chair.

P.S. (information links)

 - The attached pdf file has a more detailed explanation of what we mean by "interface standard".  
 - A full explanation of the SPG and the ESE Standards Process is contained at http://eos.nasa.gov/seeds/SPG
 - Also see example standards http://eos.nasa.gov/seeds/SPG/SPG_summary.htm
 - For the ESE context, see Martha Maiden's presentation from the last SEEDS working group meeting (especially slide 15):

 Richard E. Ullman                   phone:  301-614-5228  
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