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NASA Research Announcement - NNH04-ZYS-003N
Tropical Cloud Systems and Processes (TCSP)
Tropical Cloud Systems and Processes (TCSP), release date: April 1,
This NASA Research Announcement (NRA) solicits investigations of
tropical cloud systems and their environmental feedback which contribute
to a unified approach to study variations in the Earth's climate system.
The announcement seeks innovative investigations that utilize NASA's
observational data for investigations of tropical cyclones, the impact
of cirrus clouds on atmospheric cycles of water and energy, and related
feedbacks on the radiative, compositional and dynamic attributes of the
upper troposphere/lower stratosphere.  It also seeks proposals that
utilize this knowledge in facilitating the development and evaluation of
models and data assimilation systems that include representations of
tropical cloud processes and their impact on Earth's climate system.
This NRA is open to all scientific investigators who submit proposals
that respond to the objectives of the program.  Awards will be for the
period of 3 years.  It is anticipated that approximately $7M per year
will be available, with individual awards depending on the range of
activities proposed and the total number of team members selected.
Participation in the program is open to all categories of institutions,
including educational, industrial, non-profit organizations, NASA
centers and other US agencies.
The complete NRA will be available electronically on the release date,
via the Internet at the Research Opportunities Web Page at
http://research.hq.nasa.gov under "Office of Earth Science (Code Y)".  A
paper copy will be available to those who do not have access to Internet
by calling (202) 358-3552 and leaving a voice mail message.
This announcement will be open through July 1, 2004, and proposals may
be submitted at any time throughout this period.
Point of Contact
Name:         Dr. Jeffery B. Halverson
Title:           Deputy Program Scientist
Phone:        (202) 358-1199
Fax:            (202) 358-2770
Email:         jhalvers at hq.nasa.gov





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