[ESIP-all] A similar AGU special session

Ben Domenico ben at unidata.ucar.edu
Fri Jul 23 16:12:37 EDT 2004


Apparently many groups have proposed similar special sessions for the Fall 
AGU meeting.  It might be a good idea to consider coordinating some of 
these for next year into a more permanent session relating to 
infrastructure issues that cut across the traditional disciplinary session 

I'll attach a brief description of the session we're involved with.

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"Cyberinfrastructure for Earth Systems Science"

A special session at the Fall AGU meeting

The goal of the session is to explore the need for interoperable data 
systems that support the Earth systems approach to issues cutting across 
the traditional sub-disciplines of the geosciences as well as societal 
impacts (i.e., atmospheric, oceanographic, hydrologic and solid Earth). 
Abstracts should address scientific areas that require integrated 
observational data and forecasting systems from these disciplines.

Examples might include the interoperable data systems needed to understand 
flash flood or landslide conditions in drainage basins. Datasets needed to 
study these processes include digital elevation, land use, moisture 
saturation, radar, precipitation forecasts, stream flow, local citizen 
observations, demographics, and infrastructure. Similar needs for 
integrated data systems could be documented for coupled ocean/atmosphere 
modeling, climate studies related to El Nino/La Nina, as well as a wide 
variety of plume dispersion issues in the atmosphere and hydrosphere.

See further elaboration of the session in a draft web page I'm working  on 

The deadline for abstracts seems to be early September.  See details at 

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