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During a previous NASA-OGC Coordination Group telecon there was interest
OpenGIS Web Mapping Service (WMS) compliance testing using raster data.
OGC group responsible for WMS Compliance testing is now looking to do

If you want to participate, e.g., provide data, participate in testing,
contact Jens Fitzke <fitzke at lat-lon.de>

George Percivall
NASA Geospatial Interoperability Office

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> Subject: Raster Datasets For WMS Compliance Testing
> Gentlemen,
> The OWS2-CITE group is investigating the potential for utilizing a
> raster data set for WMS Compliance Testing.  Kurt Buehler mentioned
> you or someone in your organization may have expressed interest in
> a capability in the past.
> Jens Fiske  (lat/long GmbH) has been working with people from Bonn
> University to produce a raster data set from the existing OGC vector
> data set.  He is interested in getting feedback on the test suite to
> if 1) the raster data is at all usable, 2) if it needs any adjustment,
> or 3) if it doesn't work at all.  This is an exploratory measure to
> evaluate the potential for using the existing CITE engine capabilities
> for testing the new data set.
> If you have WMS implementation(s) that do not support vector data
> and would like to investigate the potential for a standard raster
> dataset testing capability, please let Jens know so that he may
> you with the data set that the Bonn University people have so
> produced.
> Please forward this to anyone that you feel may be interested.
> Regards,
> Mark
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