[ESIP-all] Thank You For Your Inputs

T Yunck tpy at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Dec 10 09:24:05 EST 2004

Dear Federation Members,

I want to thank the many of you who replied to my solicitation for 
information regarding your ESIP's main application thrusts.  This 
will be immeasurably helpful in shaping our strategy to connect with 
users and decision makers to help realize our vision of "Achieving a 
Sustainable Planet."

The current version of our ESIP vs Applications matrix is attached 
for your review.  There is still time to send inputs if you have not 
done so.  We (the Federation staff) will attempt to fill in remaining 
gaps from our catalog of ESIP descriptions.

The first significant use of this table will be in the Federation's 
proposal to NASA's "Decisions" CAN, which is now due on Jan 26.  In 
the "Solutions Networks" category NASA received 24 pre-proposal 
submissions, of which they encouraged 10 to proceed with full 
proposals, including ours.  They expect to select 2-6 eventual 

I will give an update on this at the January meeting.  As Carol Meyer 
noted previously, we will have three distinguished guest speakers at 
the meeting and several breakout sessions devoted to enhancing the 
infusion of ESIP products and Earth science information into national 
applications and decision-making.

Perhaps the most valuable thing we can do as an organization is to 
help provide a sound scientific basis for environmental decisions and 
actions at all levels, government and private.  By connecting 
directly with end users and decision makers we can begin to make that 

I hope to see you all in January.


T. P. Yunck                 Ph: 818-354-3369
JPL, M/S 126-347            Fax: 818-393-5471
4800 Oak Grove Drive        e-mail: tpy at jpl.nasa.gov
Pasadena, CA  91109
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