[ESIP-all] Call for Session proposals for Earth and Space Science Informatics focus group

Robin Pfister robin.g.pfister at nasa.gov
Tue May 31 19:50:01 EDT 2005


AGU has just formed a Focus Group on Earth and 
Space Science Informatics (ESSI). Because this 
happened after the official call for proposed 
sessions at Fall Meeting, I am sending this 
special message to announce that AGU is accepting 
proposals for sessions for this Focus Group.

To propose a session for Earth and Space Science 
Informatics at the Fall meeting, go to the AGU 
Website (http://www.agu.org), select the "submit 
your session proposal by June 10" and select the 
Union section.  You can select General Union 
Contributions.  Under this option you will see 
where you can select a "Cosponsor"  Here, select 
"Special Focus: Advances in Data Acquisition and 

Submitting your proposal to this will allow AGU 
organizers to sort it out for the ESSI Focus 
Group session at the Fall Meeting.

Then later on there will be the usual call for papers for these sessions.

Thank you,

AGU's Earth and Space Sciences Informatics (ESSI) 
Focus Group serves to facilitate communication 
and coordinate activities related to issues of 
data management and analysis, large-scale 
computational experimentation and modeling, and 
the hardware and software infrastructure needs 
that span the range of scientific topics of 
interest to the Union.  All these topics fall 
under the general rubric of 
"cyberinfrastructure", which has been defined by 
a recent NSF advisory committee report , as 
encompassing "Š advanced data assimilation and 
curation, networking, modeling, and simulation 
tools for large-scale, systems-level, integrated 
applications. Cyberinfrastructure provides the 
capability to change data systems into knowledge 
Robin Tomlinson Pfister
Lead IMS Engineer, ESDIS Project

e-mail:       robin.g.pfister at nasa.gov
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