[ESIP-all] Nominations for Federation Offices

Dick Wertz dick.wertz at earthsciencefoundation.org
Wed Jun 1 10:56:54 EDT 2005

All -
        Constitution and Bylaws Committee Chair John Townshend, who is on an extended trip, has asked me to urge you to forward your nominations for the various leadership positions to Carol Meyer or me ASAP so that we can institute an electronic voting process for this Summer's Federation meeting. 

        The following positions can only be filled by an ESIP member "voting representative":
            - President
            - Vice President 
            - Finance & Appropriations Committee Chair
            - Constitution & Bylaws Committee Chair
            - Partnership Committee Chair

        The following positions can be filled by either an ESIP member voting representative or a person affiliated with the ESIP member organization:
            - Information Technology & Interoperability Committee Chair and Vice Chair
            - Education Committee Chair and Vice Chair
            - Products and Services Committee Chair and Vice Chair
            - Commercial Development Committee Chair and Vice Chair
            - Community Engagement Committee Chair and Vice Chair
            - Finance & Appropriations Committee members (three)
            - Constitution & Bylaws Committee members (three)
            - Partnership Committee members (three)

        Nominations for the three ESIP Level Representatives (I, II and III) can only be made by another ESIP voting representative in the same ESIP level category.

        If you are interested in serving in any of the above positions or want more information on the nominations process, please feel free to contact me by e-mail or call at (540) 837-9613.  
        REASoN and other newer ESIP members are particularly urged to become involved in this year's election process.  As the Federation moves forward from a prototype status to an operational entity over the next year, many critical decisions will have to be made.  The Federation is truly a member-driven organization and this is your opportunity to have an influence on our priorities and direction.

                                                            Best regards,
Richard C. Wertz, Executive Director
Foundation for Earth Science
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Boyce, Virginia 22620
(540) 837-9613
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