[ESIP-all] Web & Grid Services Cluster Meeting at ESIP Federation meeting

Brian D. Wilson brian.d.wilson at jpl.nasa.gov
Sun Jun 12 18:05:34 EDT 2005

Hello All,

A Web and Grid Services Cluster has been formed within the
ESIP Federation to discuss, promote, and infuse Web Services
and Grid Computing technologies into the Federation and into
NASA Earth Science.  Everyone is invited to join, participate
in and/or propose new Cluster tasks.

The Cluster will meet on Tuesday evening at 6 PM immediately
after the end of the technical track session in the same room.

Please come out, join the discussion, learn about the existing
Federation services, and collaborate with us in calling each
other's services.  The meeting will be short so we can all
get to dinner afterward.

Many Federation members have already been participating in the
Web Services sub-group of the Technology Infusion Working
Group (TIWG), and in planning the WS case studies presentations
and panel discussion that will occur Thursday morning at the
meeting.  I anticipate that the Cluster will be one mechanism
for us to organize WS activities, to make progress on demonstrating
service chains (colllaborations) within the Federation, and to help in
developing a WS roadmap for the Federation and for NASA.

The Cluster will be having telecons once a month to make progress
in all of these areas.

The agenda for the 6 PM meeting is as follows:

1) Discuss how the Cluster can facilitate the creation of a
Federation services registry.

2) Develop a list of service chains we want to demonstrate in
the next six months.

3) Discuss how we can achieve inter-operability between the
various XML/SOAP services, and between SOAP services
and other types of services (OpenDAP and OGC WMS/WCS).

4) Develop some ideas (brainstorm) to contribute to the WS
roadmap (TIWG) discussion on Thursday afternoon.

See you there,

  -- Brian

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