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Carol B. Meyer carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org
Tue Jul 12 16:10:10 EDT 2005

Chris Elvidge at NOAA/NGDC has offered an invitation to members of the ESIP
Federation who would like to participate in the CLASS User's Workshop,
August 11-12 in Boulder, Colorado. NOAA will provide travel support for
those choosing to attend.  If you are/were a user NASA EOS data, then this
invitation is for you.  If interested, please reply directly to me by 12
noon EDT, on 7/18 (or sooner) as funding is limited.


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Subject: CLASS User Workshop Invitational Travel


Boulder CLASS User Workshop
August 11
8:00 Continental Breakfast 
8:30 Welcome, workshop objectives, introductions (Chris Elvidge, NGDC)
8:50 Making NOAA's data more accessible to the scientific
community(Chris Fox, NGDC Director)
9:10 Overview of CLASS (Alex Kidd, CLASS)
9:50 Break
10:10 Bandwidth and data volume considerations for the Boulder node (John
Kinsfather, NGDC)
10:30 Role of the NOAA Archive Requirements Working Group and
Scientific Data Stewardship (John Bates-NCDC)
11:00 Demo of current system (Amy Drew, Computer Sciences Corporation)
11:20 Design plans and options (Doug Zirkle, Operational Systems Inc.)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 User community panel: Presentations on science objectives, what data
will be required, with what time delay, access scenarios or preferences.
Followed by discussion.
        CIRA - Garrett Campbell
        FSL - TBD
        NSIDC - TBD
        University of Colorado - Bill Emery
        University of Maryland / GLCF - John Townshend
15:00 Break
15:20-17:00 Breakout groups (weather/climate, space, ocean,
cryosphere, land)
        What standards should be supported?
        How to convert operational data into research
               quality products?
        How much web interface is needed?
        What data discovery tools are required?
        What metadata are required?
        Other issues, topics .................
August 12:
8:00 Continental Breakfast
8:30 Prospects for improving high volume data transfers (Dr. Yang Xia, High
Energy Physics, California Institue of Technology).  Dr. Xia is part of a
team which set an Internet 2 Land Speed Record of  357
GBytes in ten minutes over a distance of 14134 kms in January, 2005.  See
9:30 Break
10:00 Continuation of breakout group discussions
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Continuation of breakout group discussions
14:00 Report back from break-out groups
15:30 Closing discussion with panel of CLASS
representatives (e.g. Kidd, Zirkle, Bates, Fox)

Christopher D. Elvidge, Ph.D.
NOAA-NESDIS National Geophysical Data Center E/GC2
325 Broadway, Boulder, Colorado 80305 USA
Tel. 1-303-497-6121
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Email: chris.elvidge at noaa.gov
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