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It seems that my wording of the message below has created confusion.
The tickets will be an add-on to the meeting.  The cost of the tickets
will be face value plus whatever service charges are added on, not any
kind of revenue enhancement for us.


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Planning for the summer meeting in Palisades, NY (July 19-21, with
Technical workshops on 7/18) has begun.  We are planning to offer NY
Yankees' baseball tickets on a first-come first serve basis at our cost.
The game would be on the evening of 7/18, with transportation to/from
our conference hotel provided.  This event would be an add-on to your
meeting expenses.

In order to gauge the approximate number of tickets we should buy,
please email me if you are interested in attending and the number of
tickets you might want.  A reply is requested by Monday, March 13.

Carol Meyer

Carol B. Meyer
Deputy Executive Director
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