[ESIP-all] Six new ESIP applications for review

Howard Burrows ghburrows at comcast.net
Thu Apr 6 23:03:47 EDT 2006



We have posted six Partnership applications on our new wiki for review:


These all seem to be particularly strong.  Applications from both major
supercomputer centers (GEON and CLEANER) bring us more centrally into the
cyberinfrastructure initiative.  SURA/SCOOP has been quite active in
technology development and in the coastal GEOSS Societal Benefit Area. An
application from Geologics brings us Sue Heinz again who has moved on from
PODAAC.  Sue continues to be very active in the Community Engagement
Standing Committee.  The application from SWEET elevates this project to
Partnership status and brings Rob Raskin as a PI, a role that seems very
appropriate given the extent of his leadership activities already in the
Federation.  The application from the Inter-American Institute for Global
Change Research brings an international project with links to ORNL.  


Please review these by May 1 and send questions or comments to me or Carol
Meyer (carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org  Unless you find problems, we
will vote on confirmation in early May.


This is also the first public mention of our new wiki.  Please visit the
Main Page, look it over, register as a user, read the help files, and if you
are not familiar with this version of wiki, play in the Sandbox.  This is a
MediaWiki, developed for the popular Wikipedia.  Begin to think about how we
might best use it.  This wiki will likely become a component of the ESIP
Exchange (also known as the ESIP Portal, the EIE, or the Earth Information
Exchange).  We are only just beginning to use this wiki in various Standing
Committees and Clusters and in the planning and development of the Exchange,
so it is a good time for anyone to jump in and help us develop it.


Thank you all,

Howard Burrows

ESIP Partnership Chair



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