[ESIP-all] Call for ESIP Federation Nominations

Patricia Reiff reiff at rice.edu
Mon May 15 17:42:09 EDT 2006

Attached is a word document of the call for ESIP nominations.

If you can't read it, here is the beginning in text format:

Thanks to all ESIP members who work so tirelessly to make this  
Federation function!  It is absolutely crucial that we continue to  
have dedicated officers who "lead the charge".  Especially important  
are officers who are members of the Executive Committee, since they  
are responsible for keeping the organization running between annual  
meetings.  Only with a true functioning federation can we all benefit  
from our mutual synergism.

This is the official call to nominate candidates for officers and  
committee chairs.   As was done last year, nominations (each  
nomination must be seconded) will be collected via email and compiled  
for the complete ballot.  The ballot will be placed before the  
Assembly for an electronic vote during the month leading up to the  
ESIP Federation meeting.  Election results will be announced at the  
ESIP Federation Business Meeting on July 20, 2006.  New officers and  
committee chairs will take office at the end of the ESIP Federation  
meeting on July 21, 2006.

All officers, committee chairs and type representatives serve one- 
year terms.  The President,  Vice President and Treasurer are limited  
to two consecutive terms.  The President and Vice President must come  
from different ESIP Types.  In all, we elect 27 people each year.   
Before nominating someone, please be sure that you have the consent  
of that person.  Nominations can be sent to  
carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org and will be accepted through  
June 15, 2006.

It then has a table of officers and whether they are par of the  
executive committee, etc.

If you can't read it and need that part as clear text, too please let  
me know..

...Pat Reiff

Chair, Constitutions and Bylaws Committee

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