[ESIP-all] Nominations for Offices Still Needed

Carol B. Meyer carol.meyer at earthsciencefoundation.org
Fri Jul 7 07:37:40 EDT 2006

We are still trying to fill a number of elected slots for the 2006-07
ESIP Federation year.  If you or know someone would like to serve in an
office this year, please feel free to nominate (with his/her approval,
of course).  For your information, I've included a list of all offices
in this email.  An asterisk indicates that at least one nomination has
been received, though that does not preclude others running for that
same office.  The President, Vice President and Chairs of Constitution
and Bylaws, Finance and Appropriations and Partnership must be voting
representatives to the ESIP Federation Assembly.  Other offices and
committee slots are open to all.  Officers, Chairs and Type
Representatives serve on the Executive Committee.
Vice President*
Chair and 3 members - Constitution and Bylaws
Chair* and 3 members - Finance & Appropriations  
Chair and 3 members - Partnership
Chair and Vice Chair - Commercial Development
Chair* and Vice Chair - Community Engagement
Chair* and Vice Chair* - Education
Chair* and Vice Chair - Information Technology & Interoperability
Chair and Vice Chair - Products and Services
ESIP Type Representatives will be voted on by the Type Caucuses at the
business meeting
We will be running the election electronically for the week prior to the
Business meeting.  Therefore, nominations must be received by Wednesday,
July 12.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call me to discuss them
at 877-870-3747.  
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