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Dear Colleagues,   I like to draw your attention  to the following
announcement for job opportunity at the Laboratory for Atmospheres, NASA
Goddard Space Flight Center.  Please feel free to pass this along to
anyone interested.

Aerosol Scientist Position Available at the NASA Goddard Space Flight

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, has an opening
in the position of aerosol-climate science. We are seeking a motivated
and energetic individual to pursue highly innovative research in remote
sensing of aerosol and/or aerosol effects on climate, on the
hydrological cycle and atmospheric circulation. This position requires
expertise in atmospheric radiation, remote sensing of aerosols, and
their interactions with clouds and precipitation. The candidate is
expected to have mastery of fundamental principles of remote sensing of
aerosols, their chemical and radiative properties. Priority research
areas include aerosol direct effects on radiation, indirect effects on
clouds and precipitation, relative role of chemical and transport
processes, troposphere-stratosphere exchange, and assimilating
observation data and reducing uncertainties of aerosol forcing in
climate models. Experience in aerosol field campaigns, retrieval
algorithm development and use of NASA satellite data such as TOMS,
MODIS, and Aura are highly desirable. The candidate is expected either
to be a leader in the scientific community or have the potential to rise
to leadership, with the ability to establish national and international
collaborations, to communicate and motive people, and to become a part
of the existing aerosol community at Goddard.

The Laboratory is a leader in atmospheric observations and analysis,
including satellite systems and airborne and ground-based
research-quality observing systems, with emphases on integrated approach
involving satellite missions, sensor technology, aircraft field
campaigns, modeling and data analysis, (see
http://atmospheres.gsfc.nasa.gov ). Applicants must possess a bachelors
degree in an appropriate field of physical science, mathematics,
computer science or engineering. A Ph.D. or graduate degree in
atmospheric sciences or a related science discipline is highly desired.
Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications at the
GS12-15 levels, ($65048 - $139774 per year). To apply, send an
electronic copy of a letter proposal (three pages maximum) that contains
a statement of research interests, expected contributions to the
Laboratory's research program, a current vita, and names of three
professional references by October 31, 2006 per instruction in the
website (http://atmospheres.gsfc.nasa.gov). For additional questions,
please contact Dr. William Lau, Chief, Laboratory for Atmospheres, NASA
Goddard Space Flight Center (301-614-6332, email: William.K.
Lau at nasa.gov). NASA is an Equal Opportunity Employer. U.S. Citizenship
is required.

Dr. William K. M. Lau
Chief, Laboratory for Atmospheres, Code 613
Building 33, Rm C121
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771
email: William.K.Lau at nasa.gov

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