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						On October 30th, 2006 the Stern Review Report on the Economics of Climate 

						Change has been published and 

						generated incredible media coverage. Since then a series of animated debates 

						has started in support and 

						against the data and methodologies presented by the Review. 

						The European Climate Forum specializes in running controversial discussions 

						on hot topics. The economic costs 

						of climate change are one of these topics in the climate debate at the 

						moment. We intend to continue the 

						discussions and provide all interested parties with the possibility to 

						participate and contribute. 

						The Stern Report on the Economics of Climate Change has been the trigger for 

						ECF to set up an interactive 


						We are thus proud to announce the opening of the ECF Weblog. The valuable 

						and interesting comments by Richard 

						S. J. Tol and Stephance Halegatte are already available online. 

						We invite all of you who are interested to read, think, discuss, and 

						contribute your thoughts. 

						The weblog is located at: http://blog.european-climate-forum.net/ 

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