[ESIP-all] WS Cluster telecon notes, May 14

Brian D. Wilson Brian.Wilson at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon May 14 13:56:51 EDT 2007

Hello ESIP-all,

We just had a *great* Web Services Cluster telecon to discuss
the Use Cases on the ESIP Federation wiki.

I'm sending these notes to ESIP-All to generate even more
interest in discussing potential SOA implementations of the
Use Cases or other collaborative science or decision support

Come on out next week and join the SOA science party.
Or pardon my spam.

  -- Brian


Telecon notes:

1) Stefan Falke talked about several Air Quality Use Cases.
DataFed has a catalog listing of all the WMS/WCS services
they use.

a) Fire location data - taken on the ground and from sats.
  - which data are better to use
  - resolution limits of sat. data
  - cloud cover
  - false detections
  - Have created various analysis services
  - Rudy discussed the need for standard interfaces and
    'standard adapters' to mediate between services

b) Spatial-temporal framework for reconciliation (to support
comparative analysis)
  - project with EPA
  - air emissions inventories, national and local
  - compare to global emission models

They plan to propose a session on Thursday of the ESIP meeting.

2) Steve Kempler talked about the Hurricane Use Case.
  - Use Case written from data manager point of view
  - Challenge is to have all of the relevant datasets available
    from a virtual, distributed portal (or multiple
    interoperable portals).
  - Resident ground instrument data
  - TRMM precipitation data, L3 (really, gridded L2)
  - PODAAC has QuikScat and MODIS sea surface temperature
  - AIRS temp. and water vapor profiles also of interest
  - OMI provides effective surface reflectivity
  - Want L2 near real-time data accumulated onto a map projection
  - Layer together precipitation, winds, and SST
  - For retrospective analysis, could use L3 grids, although
    there may be a resolution problem if one zooms in on a
  - Hurricane season is coming!!
  - Eric Malaret has been talking to the Hurricane research
    group in Florida.
  - Greg will talk to a precipitation person, Scott Brown, at
  - Ken offered a WFS server that displays hurricane tracks,
    part of the SCOOP project.  He will send a link and demo
    its use next week.

Peter Fox noted that there is a WCS plug-in for the new
Hyrax DAP server, which will help solve the space/time
lookup problem for DAP catalogs.

3) Stuart Frye talked about a RT Fire Use Case in which
"hot" MODIS pixels and instruments on a UAV are used to
retask EO-1.  This Use Case has been written up as a
proposal for a GEOS pilot project.
  - Stuart talked quickly about many details that I couldn't
    keep up with to write down.
  - We will revisit this interesting Sensor Web use case
    next week.

Collected Action Items:

0) Brian will create a second link in the wiki for each Use
Case to serve as a sandbox to collect URL's, more details,
wish lists, and progress on implementation.

1) Stefan will write up more details on the exact Air Quality
scenarios, and provide links to DataFed's services.

2) Brian will look into machine-to-machine access to PODAAC's
QuikScat and MODIS SST data.

3) Steve Kempler and Chris, and possibly others, will pick a
'hurricane' time period of interest from last year.

4) Greg will talk to Scott Brown, a precipitation person at
Goddard to get ideas about what visualizations scientists
would find useful.

5) Ken will provide the URL of the SCOOP WFS server that
displays hurricane tracks.  He will demo the web page
next week.

6) Eric Malaret will provide pointers to his WCS services,
and a contact for the Florida hurricane research group.

7) Stuart Frye will flesh out the interesting Fire Sensor
Web use case with more details about the workflow, interfaces,
proposed GEOS demo, and use of OGC standard services (such
as WPS = Web Processing Service, SPS = Sensor Planning Service)
in a BPEL workflow.  We will delve into more details
next week.

8)  All of us should provide our Wish Lists:  roadblocks
that prevent collaborative SOA implementations, needed
data access/analysis services that are missing, etc.

9) All of us should register our SOAP/REST services, OGC
WMS/WCS/WFS services, and DAP servers in the ECHO registry
so they can be discovered.  We are starting to have a critical
mass of services, so that 'advertising' and discovery are
now necessary.

Attendees:  Brian Wilson, Karen Moe, Steve Olding, Michael
Burnett, Ken Keiser, Steve Kempler, Chris Lynnes, Greg
Leptoukh, Stefan Falke, Rudy Husar, Stuart Frye, Peter
Fox, Tyler Stevens (and probably others I forgot).

Thanks to all for your enthusiastic participation.
At least for me, the great discussion has made the Use Cases
come alive in my mind, with the prospect of many exciting

  -- Brian

At 07:34 AM 5/14/2007, you wrote:

>Well, here's a reminder of the telecon.
>And I forgot the phone number the first time.
>   -- Brian
>866-325-0587 (Toll-free North America)
>2053540145 (International)
>MEETING NUMBER: *2361171*
> >Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 23:33:43 -0700
> >To: esip-all at rtpnet.org
> >From: "Brian D. Wilson" <Brian.Wilson at jpl.nasa.gov>
> >Subject: Next WS Cluster telecon Monday, May 14, at noon EST
> >
> >
> >Hello All,
> >
> >The next Web Services Cluster telecon will be on Monday,
> >May 14 at noon EST (9 AM PST).
> >
> >The purposes of the telecon is to examine the Use Cases being collected
> >on the ESIP Fed. wiki, solicit more use cases from groups that may be
> >working on SOA or Semantic demos, and discuss what demos will or could
> >be ready for the ESIP Fed. meeting in July.
> >
> >If you have a Use Case or are working on a demo, please join the telecons.
> >We will use the wiki to collaborate on SOA scenarios and track progress
> >on the demos.
> >
> >Please take a look at the current Use Cases on the wiki at
> >http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Use_Cases and/or add some more.
> >
> >In particular, we will be focusing on the Hurricane scenario
> >entered by Steve Kempler and the Air Quality scenario entered
> >by Stephan Falke.
> >
> >Y'all come out, ya hear,
> >
> >  -- Brian
> >
> >

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