[ESIP-all] REMINDER: Products & Services Telecon Tiues Oct 23, 1:30 PM Eastern

jeff.arnfield Jeff.Arnfield at noaa.gov
Mon Oct 22 19:07:25 EDT 2007


Remember, this month's Products & Services telecon has been rescheduled 
for tomorrow.

*Products & Services telecon*
*Tue Oct 23th * at *1:30 PM ET*
Dial:  800-508-7631
Access Code:   *1297219*

I'd like to define technical content for one or more workshops at the 
Winter Meeting, or ways to take advantage of other planned sessions to 
identify specific inventory requirements and determine which are not 
adequately addressed in current metadata catalogs.

Is such an inventory merely a format for existing information?  Catalog 
level or more granular and including location/date/element detail where 
applicable?  Conforming to ISO standards or forging new ground with 
light weight protocols?  Comprehensive or geared only to items 
represented with a metadata record?  Manually or automatically created?  
Static or dynamic?  Is it a harvest, a separate repository, or a 
distributed search strategy involving ontologies, the semantic web, 
Bayesian search techniques and web services?  A strategy to work with 
existing metadata recs, best practices and recommended mods / additions 
to current metadata, or a completely new category?    For discovery or 
actual order service / fulfillment?  Supporting infrastructure for EIE 
or portal independent?  Focused on requirements from providers, 
technologists or end users?  Independent effort or closely coordinated 
with the seemingly independent efforts in the Air and Water clusters?

With the winter meeting fast approaching and the intervening holidays, 
there's little time to plan an effective program.  Your input can help 
guide the effort toward a productive result, and such input is welcome 
at tomorrow's telecon.


Jeff Arnfield
Station Metadata Project Manager
Archive Branch
NOAA's National Climatic Data Center
151 Patton Ave, Room 447
Asheville, NC 28801
Ph: 828-271-4444 
FAX 828-271-4022
e-mail: jeff.arnfield at noaa.gov

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