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As a follow-on to Carol's note about the Puget Sound Information Challenge,
below is more information sent by Molly O'Neill, EPA's CIO and Assistant
Administrator for the Office of Environmental Information.

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Date: Nov 14, 2007 2:21 PM
Subject: Puget Sound Information Challenge begins!
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Good afternoon, Symposium participants!

It is official!  Starting today, November 14, 2007, the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is embarking on a two-day event to
learn what is possible in quickly sharing information though
collaboration to protect the environment and human health!   In his
keynote video , Bill Ruckelshaus, Chair of the Leadership Council for
the Puget Sound Partnership and former EPA Administrator, offered up
Puget Sound as a real-life case study for us to work on.

I am inviting all of you - participants of the OEI Environmental
Information Symposium - to collaborate on the Puget Sound Information

This email outlines what the Challenge is, how you can contribute, and
what we hope to accomplish.

What is the Puget Sound Information Challenge ?

Part of this year's Environmental Information Symposium, the Challenge
is EPA's first data-driven mass collaboration designed to bring
together environmental information on an important environmental issue.
There are two goals for the participants of this two-day challenge.
The first is to leverage available resources to bring together and
deliver environmental information that will be useful to the Puget
Sound Partnership.   The second goal is to "learn by doing."  We hope
that, through this case study ,we can gain a new perspective on what is
working well, and the issues and obstacles that impede ability to share
information internally and with our partners.   I want to use these
findings to inform our ongoing work on information access at EPA.

For more information, please see the Challenge wiki at:
http://pugetsound.epageo.org .

How can you participate/contribute in the Challenge ?

The wiki outlines the wide range of information we think will be of
value to the Partnership.    In brief, we are seeking information both
directly and indirectly relevant to the issues confronting those
working on Puget Sound.   In this case, less is not more.  If you think
your information may conceivably be of value, please contribute to our
knowledge base!

If you have information, you can participate in and contribute to the
Challenge through any of the options listed below.    If you don't have
any information to share that would be relevant , but know someone who
would, you are encouraged to forward this email to your professional

   Emailing Your Ideas:  Send your ideas, comments, data, or
   suggestions to contribute at epageo.org .  Our staff will sort and post
   content to the Challenge wiki at http://pugetsound.epageo.org .

   Tell a friend:  Forward this email to a colleague. Use your own
   professional network broaden the reach of the case study.

   Posting by Contribute Now: Go to the Challenge wiki at
   http://pugetsound.epageo.org and click on the "Contribute Now" link
   on the left hand navigation bar.  If you do not have an account, you
   will be asked to create one.    (To create an account, click the
   ?Create Account? link at the very top right hand corner of the
   homepage.) Once you have an account or are logged in, an electronic
   form will open and you can select the category in which your content
   fits and provide all of your information in the text and upload
   fields.  Click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page to add
   your knowledge! (Note: You do NOT need to edit the wiki directly to

   Posting a Wiki Entry: You may edit any page on the wiki by clicking
   on your category link on the left hand navigation bar and then
   clicking the edit tab on that page located on the top navigation
   bar.   (To create an account, click the "Create Account" link at the
   very top right hand corner of the homepage.) The help button will
   teach how to use post information to the wiki.

   Walking Up: Come visit the Challenge in the Mash Up Camp area of the
   Environmental Information Symposium.

   Calling In: You can call 314-485-4641 to provide your input to the
   Challenge , where a staff person will be available to record your
   suggestions and information between the hours of 2PM and 6 PM (CDT)
   on November 14, 2007 and between the hours of 9AM and 6PM CDT on
   November 15, 2007.

   Tagging Content on selected sites: You may tag content for selected
   sites such as Flickr, del.icio.us, YouTube, and blogs) with the tag
   PugetSoundOEISymposium and it will be harvested and added to the

   Reviewing Other Posts: Take a look at what other participants have
   contributed to learn more about how you can help!

What does success for the Puget Sound Information Challenge look like?

The Challenge will be a success if both the Puget Sound Partnership and
EPA  learn something.   A successful Challenge will yield information
that is useful   (either now or with some additional work) to the Puget
Sound Partnership and it will provide EPA with an additional
perspective on how the Agency can work more effectively with its
partners.   In addition, we hope to receive feedback from the Puget
Sound Partnership at the conclusion of this event to determine how
helpful this exercise was to fulfilling their mission.

Please note: This information challenge has been created solely for
information access and technology demonstration purposes as part of the
2007 OEI Symposium.  Content presented on this site will represent the
contributions of symposium participants.  EPA cannot attest to the
accuracy of information provided on this site or any linked site.  The
posting of information presented for this exercise does not constitute
endorsement by EPA or any of its employees of the sponsors of the site
or the information or products presented.  Please be aware the privacy
protection provided on the EPA.gov domain may not be available on this

(See attached file: OEIcardPRINT.pdf)

Molly A. O'Neill
Assistant Administrator and Chief Information Officer
Office of Environmental Information
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
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