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> From: Ed Geary <egeary at globe.gov>
> Date: September 18, 2008 8:07:02 AM PDT
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> Subject: Climate Change Campaign Project Coordinator position  
> announcement
> The GLOBE Program at UCAR is seeking a full time Project Coordinator  
> to help lead the planing (now-2010) and implementation of a  
> worldwide student research campaign on Climate Change that will  
> launch in 2011 and wrap up in 2013.
> I have pasted the Job Information at the end of this email, but the  
> following URL will take interested persons directly to the UCAR Job  
> Description and online application process
> https://hostedjobs.openhire.com/epostings/jobs/submit.cfm?fuseaction=dspjob&jobid=191682&company_id=15947&version=1&source=ONLINE&JobOwner=962107&startflag=1&CFID=67752760&CFTOKEN=19b62e9-729fa5ed-b51c-4afe-a4cf-1b484ae72c5e
> Please help us spread the word by sharing this with your colleagues  
> and any appropriate listservs that you are on related to climate  
> science/education
> Thanks
> Ed Geary
> Director, The GLOBE Program
> ________________________________________________________________________________________________
> *Project Coordinator (Program Specialist III): Climate Change  
> Coordinator*
> Tracking Code
> 8209
> Job Description
> *PLEASE NOTE*: This is a new, full-time position. Initial  
> consideration will be given to applications received prior to  
> Friday, October 3, 2008. Thereafter, applications will be reviewed  
> on an as-needed basis.
> UOP - The Global Learning & Observation to Benefit the Environment  
> (GLOBE) Program
> Paid relocation
> *BASIC JOB FUNCTION*: The Project Coordinator for the Climate Change  
> Campaign will have primary responsibility for planning, development,  
> and implementation of GLOBE's worldwide student research campaign on  
> Climate Change that will launch in 2011 and end in 2013. The goals  
> of the campaign are to (a) engage > 1 million students (K-16) and  
> teachers in climate research, (b) enhance climate and environmental  
> literacy for students, teachers, parents and citizens and (c)  
> encourage action stewardship on climate-related environmental issues  
> at local and regional levels. The successful candidate will have a  
> strong background in science and education including a proven  
> ability to work with scientific, educational, and business partners  
> (U.S. and international), and demonstrated success in grant writing  
> and project implementation.
> *ADDITIONAL INFORMATION*: GLOBE is an international, inquiry-based  
> education and science program that unites students, teachers, and  
> scientists in study and research about Earth's environment. The  
> goals of the GLOBE Program are to: a) improve student achievement in  
> science; b) increase scientific understanding of the Earth as a  
> system; c) enhance environmental awareness of individuals worldwide,  
> and d) inspire the next generation of global scientists. The GLOBE  
> Program Office (GPO) at UCAR is responsible for facilitating GLOBE's  
> operations worldwide, including coordination with GLOBE Earth System  
> Science Projects (ESSP).
> _Project Coordination, Management, and Assessment_: Leads the  
> planning, development, and implementation of GLOBE's worldwide  
> student research campaign on climate change. The project coordinator  
> will work closely with GLOBE teachers and Partners, NASA and other  
> climate scientists, sponsors, and GPO Director and staff to plan the  
> campaign and support its implementation and assessment in GLOBE  
> regions around the world. Specific duties include: (a) planning and  
> facilitating campaign activities including workshops and meetings,  
> climate campaign events, and engagement of scientists in campaign  
> activities, (b) defining the ultimate scope of the campaign based on  
> resource availability, staffing, community and sponsor interests and  
> other factors, (c) identifying, adapting and integrating high  
> quality climate science and education resources (e.g. learning  
> activities, NASA, NOAA, and GEOSS data sets, professional  
> development modules and courses, student assessments, etc.) into the  
> GLOBE Research Collaboratory, (d) managing the climate campaign  
> budget, (e) writing reports and making presentations about the  
> climate campaign, and (f) developing (with the GPO evaluator)  
> metrics and strategies for collecting evaluation data on key climate  
> change campaign activities and resources to assess the impact of the  
> campaign on students, teachers, Partners, scientists, and communities.
> _Collaboration Building_: Builds, strengthens, and manages strategic  
> collaborations with other organizations doing climate change  
> research and/or education including: (a) US government agencies  
> (e.g. NASA, NSF, NOAA, Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Education, etc.),  
> (b) International and US scientific and education organizations  
> (e.g. IPCC, WMO, GEO, UNESCO, AGU, AMS, NSTA, NGS, COSEEs), and (c)  
> businesses, foundations, and other NGO's. The project coordinator  
> will work with GPO staff, with NASA, and with GLOBE's NSF-funded  
> Earth System Science Project partners to insure the effective  
> integration of their products, services, data, and tools into the  
> GLOBE Research Collaboratory in support of the Climate campaign.
> _Grant Writing_: The Project Coordinator will have primary  
> responsibility for generating external funding to support the  
> campaign through external grant proposals and sponsorships. The  
> project coordinator will work closely with the GPO director and  
> other GPO staff to set and reach funding targets and insure that all  
> grant proposals and sponsorship activities are prioritized and  
> aligned with other GPO development activities.
> _Other Duties_ may be assigned by the GPO director as needed.
> Education and Experience
>   * Master's degree in science (atmospheric, oceanographic, Earth
>     system, environmental. ecosystem) with at least 7 years'
>     experience teaching and doing research in climate related field.
> Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
>   * Strong scientific background in and experience doing research in
>     Atmospheric, Climate, Environmental, Ecosystem, or some other area
>     of Earth System Science
>   * Experience facilitating scientific research by students and  
> teachers.
>   * Thorough knowledge of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,
>     Mathematics) education including knowledge of U.S. and
>     International science education standards and assessment.
>   * Experience developing high-quality STEM curricular materials and
>     conducting high-quality STEM professional development
>   * Proven ability to develop and manage complex science education
>     projects that involve the use and sharing of scientific data and
>     ideas by students and teachers
>   * Proven ability to work and build effective collaborations with
>     scientists, educators, policy makers and sponsors in both the US
>     and internationally
>   * Proven success in grant writing to support science education
>     projects and activities.
>   * Self-starter with a demonstrated ability to work independently and
>     collaboratively
>   * Excellent oral and written communication skills.
>   * Demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks.
>   * Demonstrated ability to establish priorities and meet deadlines,
>     and use discretion and judgment in completing assignments.
>   * Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to interact
>     effectively with culturally diverse constituents and sponsors
>   * Demonstrated ability to use word processing, database/spreadsheet,
>     presentation, and communications software.
>   * Ability to sit at a computer and focus on work for extended
>     periods of time (up to 6 hours/day)
>   * Ability to travel
> *DESIRED (but not required):*
>   * Ph.D. in science or science education, with at least 3 years'
>     experience conducting scientific research and/or teaching at the
>     undergraduate or secondary level, and/or developing and managing
>     science education projects.
> *Required Experience*
> Master’s degree in science or public administration, and at least  
> three years of relevant program experience; or an equivalent  
> combination of education and experience.
> Job Location
> Boulder, CO, US.
> Position Type
> Full-Time/Regular
> Appointment Type
> Regular, Full-Time (R1)

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