[ESIP-all] CF point observation Conventions ready for review

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If you are working with point observational data and are interested in some of the technical issues of that data being used in the modeling framework, this note may be of interest.  See below for the links, requesting comment on revised point observation conventions for CF convention netCDF files.  There is a link there for submitting responses.

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Hi All,

Its approaching two weeks (Oct 27) since a revised "CF point observation Conventions" proposal was made:

Given the complexity of the proposal, it would be helpful if discussion happened sooner than later, including statements of support or issues to be resolved. Input is especially important from data providers who actually write point observation files.

The ideas have been floated for more than a year and a number of projects need a resolution.

    - Steve


John Caron wrote:
I have complete a new version of the CF point observation Conventions at:


Discussion is at:


I have incorporated various feedback from the past year, and made a preliminary implementation to be sure that a generic application can distinguish the various cases without human intervention.

I have tried to simplify, esp in the station profile and section feature types, where the combinations of options got too complex. The document is now explicit about all possible representations. The use of missing values is also clarified.

While the document is rather long, if you manage to wade through it you'll see that the patterns of use keep repeating and are mostly regular. Showing full examples I think is the best way to prevent misunderstandings.

I did make enough changes that anyone who wrote files using the previous version should check to see whats changed. Apologies for that.

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