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Brian Rogan brogan at esipfed.org
Sat Nov 21 07:55:54 EST 2009

In three weeks, we will be publishing our second issue of the ESIP
newsletter.  If you have not seen our inaugural issue, it is posted on the
website under the link http://esipfed.org/esip-news-vol-1-number-1    This
newsletter is an opportunity to get the news out about the work your
organization is doing, post notices of work opportunities, read about
upcoming grants and keep abreast of pending meetings.   The newsletter will
be put online December 15th and the deadline for submissions will be
December 10th.  Please consider sending us important updates and suggestions
for improvements as well.


Brian Rogan
Director of Communication and Partnership
Foundation for Earth Science
15 Beecher Place
Newton, MA 02459
617 467 4348 phone
508 397 7119 cell
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