[ESIP-all] Call to Environmental and Earth Scientists: Panelists Needed at America's Number 1 Science High School! June 2, 2010

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Mon Apr 26 17:39:40 EDT 2010

Dear Environmental Science and Earth Science Community Members:

Virginia’s Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology (TJ)
is holding its research science symposium on its campus all day
Wednesday, June 2, 2010 (8:30 AM to 4:00 PM). As you may know, TJ is one
of our country’s top public high schools and recently was recognized by
U.S. News and World Report as the number-one high school nationally.

As the attached briefing document and invitation letter from Principal
Evan Glazer help describe, the TJStar Symposium will provide a fun
chance to interact with top high school students. TJ has asked for help
from the science community in providing panelists for the event. In
particular, they would like to have more earth and environmental science
panelists. If you or colleagues are interested in organizing or
participating in discussion panels, please contact Betty Sandstrom at
703-750-8369.  (Despite some of the wording below, scientists from
government and academia are highly welcomed at this event.) And please
feel encouraged to help spread the word and share this with colleagues
and friends.   These students will be some of our future science

Topics for panels? What would you like to talk about, a subject you know
well? What do you think these students could benefit from hearing about?
Are you prepared to talk, listen, and maybe come away with some new
ideas for your own work? Pay TJ a visit and teach and learn!


Steve Young
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
[Disclosure: My wife Kathy works at TJ.]

(In addition to attachments, text pasted below in case listservs strip
the attachments.)

                                              Dr. Evan Glazer, Principal
                 Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

      January 9, 2010

      As  principal  of  Thomas  Jefferson  High  School  for  Science &
      Technology,  I  invite  you  to join us at an exciting, first-ever
      day-long research science symposium at our school on June 2, 2010.
      The   symposium,  known  as  TjStar,  will  afford  you  a  unique
      opportunity  to interact directly with our nation’s future leaders
      in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

      As you know, TJ is well-known for its emphasis on student research
      in  our  13  science  tech  labs,  and  for  our  encouragement of
      intellectual   curiosity   and   social   responsibility.   TjStar
      represents  an  unusual  opportunity  for  seniors and freshman to
      share  research  with  the  rest  of  the  school, and for all our
      students  to  learn from – and maybe even challenge – experts from
      outside  the building.  For you and your company, TjStar means the
      chance  to  work directly with highly motivated young people, many
      of whom ultimately will seek STEM-related careers.

      The attached flyer and fact sheets provide basic information about
      our  goals  and  objectives,  along  with suggestions for how your
      company   can  participate.   Examples  of  participation  include
      exhibits  of  your  technology  and  products, panel participation
      offered  by  your  experts,  and  perhaps even a company-sponsored
      scientific  “challenge”  that students can attempt to solve during
      the day.  We also welcome your financial support in sponsoring all
      or part of the day’s activities.

      TJ   is   pleased   to   cooperate   with  our  volunteer  support
      organization, the Jefferson Partnership Fund, in arranging TjStar.
      Please  contact the Partnership Fund’s director, Gary Bottorff, or
      me  with  questions.   Gary  can be reached at 703-750-8316, or at
      gary.bottorff at fcps.edu.

      We look forward to your participation!

      (Embedded image moved to file: pic30732.jpg)

      Evan Glazer, Ph. D
      Principal, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

|  (Embedded image    |                      tjSTAR                      |                |
|  moved to file:     |                                                  |                |
|  pic15638.jpg)      |   Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and   |                |
|                     |    Technology’s Symposium to Advance Research    |                |
|                     |             in Science and Technology            |                |

WHAT: 	An  opportunity  to  share  your  company’s  expertise  and
            interact  with  our  nation’s  future  leaders  in  science,
            technology, engineering and mathematics.

WHERE:	The nation’s #1 public high school (US News & World Report)
            and Northern Virginia region’s leading STEM high school.
            TJHSST, 6560 Braddock Road, Alexandria, VA

HOW: 	Participate in a day-long school-wide symposium intended to
            facilitate  the  sharing of student research projects at TJ,
            explore  future  research  options, and discuss the research
            aspects of potential careers.

WHEN:	June 2, 2010, 8:30 am-4:00 pm.

                        How can you participate?
 We seek research professionals to share their views and expertise with
              TJ students in a series of one-hour sessions

                          INDIVIDUAL SPEAKERS
 Professionals from all areas of science and technology are welcome to
                     come and share their knowledge

  We invite you to exhibit or demonstrate current research projects or

                       PROVIDE DESIGN CHALLENGES
We encourage you to create a science or technology related challenge and
provide materials or supplies for small groups of 3-4 students to solve
                         within an hour or so.

                          Conference operation
       We welcome financial support for this second annual event.
             Contact: Gary.Bottorff at fcps.edu (703-750-8316)

                    General Inquiries and Interest:
                            Betsy Sandstrom
                       tjSTAR Steering Committee
                       tjstarcommittee at gmail.com
(See attached file: symposium_letter_2010.doc)(See attached file: tjSTAR

Briefing 2010.doc)

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