[ESIP-all] [Spg-announce] Request for Comments: Climate and Forecast (CF) metadata

Ullman, Richard E. (GSFC-5860) richard.e.ullman at nasa.gov
Mon May 10 16:14:48 EDT 2010

Dear NASA Stakeholder,

The NASA Earth Science Data Systems Working Group (ESDSWG) for Standards is conducting a review of the Climate and Forecast (CF) metadata conventions that is proposed for wider use within the NASA Earth science community.  Before we can make a recommendation, the Standards Process Group (SPG) needs to understand the extent of experience, good or bad, with respect to use, implementation or suitability of this metadata model among stakeholders.

The scope of the present review is the "implementation experience" and/ or the "operational suitability" of the CF metadata conventions.  These questions are sent to you because you may have experience with this specification. Please respond with comments as relevant.

The SPG is charged with recommending data systems standards that will enhance interoperation of Earth science data systems within the agency and with partnering organizations.  We do this through open review of standards submitted by community stakeholders for endorsement by NASA.  It is absolutely essential that members of communities that may be impacted by proposed standards provide input in this process.

If you have experience in using the CF metadata conventions (e.g., as a data provider, data consumer, software developer or user), or in supporting software tools, we'd like to hear from you. A set of review questions is attached to facilitate the review process.

The CF Metadata Conventions Standards document is available at the following link:


Normative references in the above RFC are available at:

CF metadata conventions v 1.4 document: http://www.esdswg.org/spg/rfc/esds-rfc-021/cf-conventions_v1.4.pdf

CF Standard Names Table v13: http://www.esdswg.org/spg/rfc/esds-rfc-021/cf-standard-name-table_v13.txt

CF Conformance Requirements and Recommendations v 1.4: http://www.esdswg.org/spg/rfc/esds-rfc-021/CFConformanceRequirementsandRecommendations_v1.4.doc

Please e-mail your comments before June 9, 2010 to

spg-rfc-021 at lists.nasa.gov

Thank you

Richard Ullman
For the SPG
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