[ESIP-all] Session on Data Stewardship at AMS, Seattle, Jan 2011.

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Others at ORNL are well connected to the AMS community, and I'm passing this along as it's relevant to a number of ESIP activities.  The town hall meeting document is interesting and comments well on the AMS efforts as being part of a broader range of activities.  

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Subject: Data Stewardship Session at AMS 2011 in Seattle

The AMS Ad Hoc Committee on Data Stewardship is organizing a special
one-day session on data stewardship topics, as part of the 27th IIPS
Conference at the 2011 AMS Annual Meeting in Seattle. The session will
take place on Tuesday, 25 Jan 2011, and will include presentations
addressing the following data stewardship topics:

-- the role of data centers and institutional repositories,
-- data citation,
-- enabling data discovery,
-- enabling data standards and interoperability, and
-- data curation.

If you would like to make a presentation at this session, please see the
IIPS Conference call for papers at:


and note that the deadline for submission of abstracts is August 2,

Please feel free to forward this information to anyone who you think may
be interested in data stewardship.


Background: The AMS Ad Hoc Committee on Data Stewardship was established
in October, 2008 and first met at the 2009 AMS Annual meeting in
Phoenix. Subsequently, the Committee developed a Prospectus to guide its


At the 2010 AMS Annual Meeting in Atlanta the Committee met again, and
held a Town Hall meeting:


Members of the AMS Ad Hoc Committee on Data Stewardship include:

Mohan Ramamurthy, Chair, Unidata/UCAR,
mohan at ucar.edu<mailto:mohan at ucar.edu>
Chris Velden, University of Wisconsin/SSEC,
chris.velden at ssec.wisc.edu<mailto:chris.velden at ssec.wisc.edu>
Steve Worley, NCAR/CISL, worley at ucar.edu<mailto:worley at ucar.edu>
Howard Diamond, NOAA/NCDC,
howard.diamond at noaa.gov<mailto:howard.diamond at noaa.gov>
Mark Anderson, University of Nebraska, Lincoln,
mra at unl.edu<mailto:mra at unl.edu>
Jan Dutton, Televent DTN,
jf_dutton at yahoo.com<mailto:jf_dutton at yahoo.com>
Dave Bader, DOE/ORNL, baderdc at ornl.gov<mailto:baderdc at ornl.gov>
Eric Floehr, Intellovations, Inc.,
eric at intellovations.com<mailto:eric at intellovations.com>
Junhong Wang, NCAR/EOL (junhong at ucar.edu<mailto:junhong at ucar.edu>)
Jean Phillips, University of Wisconsin/SSEC,
jmphilli at wisc.edu<mailto:jmphilli at wisc.edu>
Martin Yapur, NOAA/NESDIS,
martin.yapur at noaa.gov<mailto:martin.yapur at noaa.gov>
Nazila Merati, JSAO & NOAA/PMEL,
nazila.merati at noaa.gov<mailto:nazila.merati at noaa.gov>
Gene Major, NASA/GSFC,
eugene.r.major at nasa.gov<mailto:eugene.r.major at nasa.gov>
Ted Tsui, NRL, Monterey,
ted.tsui at nrlmry.navy.mil<mailto:ted.tsui at nrlmry.navy.mil>
Dave Jorgensen, Publications Commission Liaison,
david.p.jorgensen at noaa.gov<mailto:david.p.jorgensen at noaa.gov>
Gary Rasmussen (AMS - Ex Officio),
grasmussen at ametsoc.org<mailto:grasmussen at ametsoc.org>, 617.227.2426 x338

Bruce E. Wilson (wilsonbe at ornl.gov) 
Environmental Sciences Division 
Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
(office) +1-865-574-6651

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