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Mon Jun 28 13:29:07 EDT 2010

Dear ESIP Community,

The Federation has grown and matured since the early days.  To meet the
current and future needs for new partners, long-time partners, and the
organization as a whole, the Partnership Committee is spending this year
examining the make-up of our organization and our capacity to grow, conduct
business, and fill out the organization with groups that may not be members
at this time.  To help the Committee, please fill out the following brief
survey.   We will use information gathered from the survey at a Partnership
Discussion session at the upcoming summer meeting.  Your input by July 19 is
especially important for this discussion!
Should you encounter any problems accessing this link, please let Brian
Rogan, the ESIP director of Partnership, know at brogan at esipfed.org.

Survey Link


Many Thanks,


Dr. Annette L. Schloss

Complex Systems Research Center

8 College Rd.

University of New Hampshire

Durham, NH 03824

ph: 603-862-0348

fax: 603-862-0188

email: annette.schloss at unh.edu
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