[ESIP-all] NOAA's Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop, Oct. 4-7

Carol Beaton Meyer carolbmeyer at esipfed.org
Mon Aug 23 23:39:50 EDT 2010

NOAA's 35th Climate Diagnostics and Prediction Workshop will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina, on 4-7 October 2010. The workshop will be hosted by the Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites (CICS) and North Carolina State University; and co-sponsored by the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction and National Climatic Data Center (NCDC). The American Meteorological Society is a cooperating sponsor.

The workshop will address the status and prospects for advancing climate monitoring, assessment, and prediction, with emphasis in three major themes:

Use of climate data records including satellite data, climatologies for improving climate predictions/predictability, and understanding and attribution of climate variability and its impacts;

Improving climate services through development and delivery of climate models, applications, and products in support of adaptation strategies;

Improving coastal monitoring and prediction in support of assessing climate impacts in the coastal zone.

The workshop will feature daytime oral presentations, invited speakers, and panel discussions with a poster session event on one evening.


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