[ESIP-all] Call for abstracts, 2011 ISRSE

Kevin Ward kevin at eyeonclimate.com
Fri Aug 27 12:33:19 EDT 2010

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submitting an abstract for an urbanization sub-theme entitled;

"Thrilling imagery and the Science of Design: Engaging the public with
remote sensing data visualization"

OF THE ENVIRONMENT (ISRSE) in Sydney Australia (10-15 April 2011).

Description: Since the dawn of the space age, images of Earth from
orbit and beyond have thrilled the public. The first views of Earth as
an isolated sphere helped raise environmental awareness. In recent
decades, technologies for observing the Earth have proliferated, from
black and white film to hyper-spectral imagers, microwave sounders,
scatterometers, radar, lidar, and intereferometry. Even as remote
sensing technologies revolutionized Earth system science, the
increasing complexity of remote sensing data has made it difficult for
non-experts to interpret contemporary Earth observations at a time
when environmental problems are growing. These sophisticated observing
technologies require state of the art data visualization to stimulate
public engagement.

This session will focus on the use of contemporary scientific
visualization theory and practice to develop techniques for
visualizing complex remote sensing data. Drawing equally from graphic
design and cognitive science, this growing field of visualization
seeks to develop imagery that communicates quickly and clearly. This
session will showcase examples of visualization principles that make
remote sensing data more understandable to the public and may enlarge
the audience attentive to environmental issues.

Abstracts are due Sept.1 (2010) and can be submitted using the
conference web-site http://isrse34.org/abstracts.asp

Submit abstract to the primary theme - Societal benefits of earth
observations: applications and assessment methodologies

Please submit an abstract and join us in Sydney!

Robert Simmon • NASA Earth Observatory • (301) 614-6201

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