[ESIP-all] New Data Visualization working group

Jeff deLaBeaujardiere Jeff.deLaBeaujardiere at noaa.gov
Tue Nov 2 09:58:14 EDT 2010

Hi Kevin et al.-

I will be on travel Monday and not able to join the telecon. The following 
topics may be of relevance to your new working group.

One concept that interests me is a "stand-alone" visualization service that 
would request numeric data values from a data provider service and produce a 
map or possibly some other visualization. For example, we (IOOS - Integrated 
Ocean Observing System) have OGC Sensor Observation Service (SOS) instances 
that do not necessarily have an associated Web Map Service (WMS). We harvest 
SOS metadata for our Catalog, and it would be nice to display glyphs 
portraying data values at each buoy location rather than merely showing that 
the buoy exists.  We could (and may) build that capability into the Catalog, 
but it would be good to expose it as a generic service that can transform data 
into a visualization. We could (and might) instead require that all of our 
data providers establish their own WMS.

A related topic is the standardization of portrayals.  In IOOS we have not yet 
  tried to get agreement on symbology (e.g., buoy, shore station, ship, 
glider) or color scales for data. Such standardization is critical if you want 
to display layers from multiple remote WMS on the same map (but less so if you 
do all the visualization in a central location).

Jeff DLB
Jeff de La Beaujardière, PhD
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Kevin Ward wrote:
> Fellow ESIPists,
> I have been tasked with the creation of a new Data Visualization
> working group for ESIP. What does that mean? Well, I'm not 100%
> certain yet. I began to create a list of possible topics to scope such
> a group and found myself with more leaves and branches than a stand of
> oak. Visualization cuts across many of our activities here at ESIP,
> both as a means and an end, and there isn't a single ESIP group that
> isn't working to either produce or use visuals (and there is a
> distinction between those).
> To get our feet under ourselves and give us a foundation, I would like
> to invite you to join me in the inaugural telecon for this new working
> group next Monday, November 8, 2pm EST
>     * Number: 877-326-0011
>     * Access Code: *9460010*
> Our agenda will be (loosely):
> * Introductions
> * Brief presentation on proposed scope/talking points
> * Discussion
> I would like to come out of this initial meeting with the
> underpinnings of a mission statement plus some ideas for focus points.
> As a starting point, I offer up these potential tasks for the group:
> * Develop a "best practices" handbook
> * Demonstrate and discuss software-specific solutions (COTS)
> * Show and tell custom tools/solutions
> * Show and tell regarding the development of visualizations of various
> types of data (point, raster, vector, 3D, etc.)
> If you have thoughts on what topics might be of interest to a
> visualization working group within ESIP please feel free to submit
> them to me beforehand or bring them to the telecon. There has been so
> much interest in visualization recently that the time is right to
> address it as a discipline in its own right rather than the byproduct
> of any of our individual efforts.
> If you are unable to attend but are interested in contributing to the
> discussion, please join me on the group listserv --
> http://www.lists.esipfed.org/mailman/listinfo/esip-viz -- where I will
> also post some manner of minutes as well as other discussion points.
> I hope that if your interests lie in this area you will join me on Monday.
> Kevin
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