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Hello ESIP-ers,

Thank you all for your warm reception when I joined the ESIP staff a few
weeks ago. I am looking forward to getting to know and working with more of
you. The next few weeks seem to be packed with exciting events, including
AGU , this week in San Francisco and our Winter
in Washington, D.C. in less than a month.

This newsletter highlights these activities, as well as news from around the

Thanks for reading,

*Erin Robinson*
Foundation for Earth Science

Table of Contents

*From the President*

*ESIP Winter Meeting  2011*

*News from Around the Federation*

   - Earth Science Informatics Special
   - Youth Climate Education Media
   - Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network
   - Building the Global Earth Observation System of
   - News from SEDAC<https://mail.google.com/a/esipfed.org/?ui=2&view=js&name=main,tlist&ver=cNTY0RON-C8.en.&am=!DEp-srz4w3n5BT7i4cwSTg8_JHJIUltTybAuYa8JknZf9f76Sn5FUA&fri#12cdbdcc210d4809_12cdbd9f29c136e1_SEDAC>

*Upcoming Events<https://mail.google.com/a/esipfed.org/?ui=2&view=js&name=main,tlist&ver=cNTY0RON-C8.en.&am=!DEp-srz4w3n5BT7i4cwSTg8_JHJIUltTybAuYa8JknZf9f76Sn5FUA&fri#12cdbdcc210d4809_12cdbd9f29c136e1_Events>

   - AGU Activities of
   - Sally Ride Educators Institute on


>From the President

The ESIP Federation seeks member volunteers who are willing to serve
as officers,
committee chairs, and type
the organization. I urge you to consider taking this opportunity to become a
leader within our community. If you have questions about the time
commitment, duties, or other aspects of what’s required, feel free to
contact me or any of our current Executive Committee
members<http://www.esipfed.org/leadership> or
staff. The ESIP Federation is a community-led organization, and we need your
participation in its governance. In recent years, we have struggled to
achieve a quorum at our business meetings, in spite of growing attendance at
the overall meeting. If you are not going to be able to attend our business
meeting in January, please let us know as soon as possible, and please
designate someone as your proxy at the meeting. This will allow the Assembly
to conduct the business of the ESIP Federation to meet the changing needs of
the community.


*James Frew*
ESIP President

ESIP 2011 Winter Meeting

The Winter Meeting<http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/January_4-6,_2011_ESIP_Winter_Meeting,_Washington,_DC>
right around the corner, January 4-6, 2011. Hopefully, you have registered
for the meeting<http://www.regonline.com/Register/Checkin.aspx?EventID=893162>
made your travel
are planning to participate
The theme of this meeting is, ”*Evaluating and Maximizing the Impact of
Earth Science Information*,” A few highlights note:

   - Tuesday, Jan. 4 <http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/January_4,_2011>
      - Ann Doucette, Director, The Evaluators' Institute, George Washington
      - ESIP 101 - An ESIP orientation to provide new members background
      - Reception/Poster
      - Mingle and VOTE! There will be a prize for the poster that
best represents
      the meeting theme and for favorite ESIP collaboration. This session kicks
      off an initiative throughout 2011 to highlight successful ESIP
      collaborations. These will be featured in the newsletter and the summer
   - Wednesday, Jan. 5 <http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/January_5,_2011>
      - ESIP Business Meeting  - Make sure to send your voting member or
      name a proxy!
   - Thursday, Jan 6 <http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/January_6,_2011>
      - Telling the Story of Your Success, Maria Elena Campisteguy,
      Metropolitan Group
      - GEOSS Evaluation (See Building the Global Earth Observing System of
      Systems article

*Meet and Tweet!* Look for the Twitter fall at the registration desk
highlighting members tweeting about the meeting using *#ESIP* tag. Want to
know who else tweets? Check out the ESIP Winter Meeting
Reply to @ESIPFed <http://twitter.com/ESIPFed/> to be added to the winter
meeting list.

 News from Around the Federation Earth Science Informatics Special Issue:
Call for Papers on Collaborative Platforms for Earth Science

The journal Earth Science
planning a special issue on the “Use of Collaborative Platforms for Earth
Science”, in order to share efforts by different projects to provide social
web features within Earth science tools.

This issue welcomes articles on applications and frameworks to address
scientific collaborative goals for a domain. Articles should address the
collaborative objectives, describe the underlying technology used to build
the collaborative platforms. They should also provide an objective
self-assessment in their ability to engage their targeted community and
describe lessons learned in the process.

The submission deadline is 31 January, 2011 and papers can be submitted
online at https://www.editorialmanager.com/esin/. Guest editors and contact
are: Rahul Ramachandran (ramachandran at ornl.gov) and Christopher Lynnes (
chris.lynnes at nasa.gov).

 Youth Climate Education Media Team Update

The Youth Climate Education Media Team, launched at the 2010 ESIP Winter
Meeting as part of the Education team's partnership Climate Literacy Network
track, brings you this progress update:

As a result of the youth video interviews Lawrence Friedl sought out the
Youth Climate Education Media Team of the US Partnership Education for
Sustainable Development, to introduce their project to NASA DEVELOP earth
science student internship program. This led to a visit to NASA HQ's to
observe and assess the media literacy and leadership/public speaking skills
of the interns. A program planning process followed and at the NASA A-Train
remote sensing symposium in New Orleans recently, the Media Literacy
Leadership training was held for the student interns from all over the US.
This curriculum has also been introduced into numerous education for
sustainability settings via the US Partnership Education for Sustainable
Development [www.Uspartnership.org <http://www.uspartnership.org/>] and
through partners of the Climate Literacy Network.Thank you, ESIP Federation
for this launch pad!

Contact: Doug Cohen (dacohen77 at gmail.com)

 Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN)

The Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network
(CLEAN)<http://cleanet.org/> Pathway
project collection officially went live Nov 1, 2010. This is a collection or
educational resources for grades 6-16 that directly address the Climate
Literacy Essential Principles of Climate Science and Energy Awareness

Contact: Tamara Ledley (tamara_ledley at terc.edu)

Building the Global Earth Observation System of Systems: Architecture and
Data Management

The Group on Earth Observations announces the start of the evaluation of the
implementation of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) in
the areas of Architecture and Data Management. The midterm evaluation of
GEOSS implementation conducted during 2010 and delivered to the GEO-VII
Plenary and the Ministerial Summit in Beijing, China, highlighted
significant progress made by the Earth Observation community in building
GEOSS, as well as noted areas where concerted efforts remain necessary.

GEOSS is envisioned as a comprehensive information system providing a broad
spectrum of users with timely and accurate Earth observation data to support
policy and management decisions. The current evaluation will assess progress
in designing, coordinating and implementing the GEOSS architecture and data
management, including data availability, access and usability.

An Evaluation Team has been organized to conduct the evaluation that will
conclude in May 2011. The Evaluation Team members represent GEO Members from
North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

If you are a user of Earth observation data, or provider of data, or a
decision maker who uses information based on Earth observations, then we
need your input! Please stay tuned for news about a forthcoming GEOSS survey
and share your opinion with us.

Contact: Yana Gevorgyan Yana.Gevorgyan at noaa.gov

News from SEDAC

   - A new data set showing the extent of global agricultural activity, Global
   Agricultural Lands <http://sedac.ciesin.columbia.edu/es/aglands.html>,
   has been released by the NASA Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center
   operated by CIESIN. Satellite data were combined with agricultural inventory
   data and compiled by Navin Ramankutty et al. (2008) to show the proportion
   of land area used as cropland (land used for the cultivation of food) and
   pasture (land used for grazing). The data set presents a snapshot of
   agricultural activity around the year 2000.The data are packaged as one
   global grid or as a grid for each of the six populated continents, and are
   available in raster GeoTiff and GRID formats for download from the Web site.
   The data set can be applied in a number of ways to understand
   human-environment interactions, land use patterns, and potential threats to

   - As part of an international team led by the University of Pavia
   (Italy), CIESIN is contributing to the development of a Global Exposure
   a component of the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) initiative. GEM aims to
   improve assessment and decision making regarding earthquake risk. One of
   CIESIN’s main roles in the three-year project is to lead the design of the
   underlying database on building infrastructure and fragility with respect to
   earthquake damage. CIESIN will draw on SEDAC’s population and other spatial
   data resources to help populate the database. Other team members include the
   U.S. Geological Survey, ImageCat, Inc., and the China Earthquake

   - Columbia University is the lead institution for a new Consortium on
   Climate Risk in the Urban Northeast (CCRUN) under the NOAA Regional
   Integrated Sciences and Assessments
   program. The Consortium draws on team members from across Columbia’s Earth
   Institute, including SEDAC Manager and CIESIN director Robert Chen, and from
   the University of Massachusetts Amherst, City College/CUNY, Stevens
   Institute of Technology, and Drexel University. CIESIN will gather and
   integrate diverse data on the urban corridor extending from Philadelphia to
   Boston in support of climate risk assessment activities in the initial focus
   areas of   water, health, and coastal zone management. CIESIN will also
   contribute to outreach and training activities to enhance stakeholder
   capacity to understand climate risks and develop adaptation strategies.

Contact: Elisabeth Sydor (esydor at ciesin.columbia.edu)
 Upcoming Events AGU Events of Interest (http://esipfed.org/node/979)

Many of you are likely in route to San Francisco. We have compiled a list of
activities <http://esipfed.org/node/979> that may be of interest to the ESIP
Community.  Here are just a few to be aware of :

   - Tues, 12-1:30: Writing Your Own Data Management Plan
   - Tues evening: ESIP Meet–up w/dinner at the Stinking
Rose<http://www.thestinkingrose.com/> (contact
   Carol Meyer for details)
   - Wed evening: AGU-ESIP Falkenberg
Award<http://www.agu.org/about/honors/union/falkenberg/> will
   be presented to Stefan Falke
   - Fri, 10:30-11:30: AGU-NESTEA

 Sally Ride Educators Institute: Connecting with Climate

ESIP is very excited to partner with the Sally Ride
NOAA and JPL in the upcoming Educator Institute: Connecting with
Climate experts and middle and high school teachers will explore the latest
research on climate from a variety of perspectives. The workshop will be
February 26-27 at JPL in Pasedena, CA. Registration is $30 and there is
travel support available for interested teachers. Contact: Karen Flammer (
flammer at ece.ucsd.edu).


Visit ESIP on Facebook<http://www.facebook.com/pages/Federation-of-Earth-Science-Information-Partners-ESIP/150015055044779>
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 and Twitter <http://twitter.com/#!/esipfed> for real-time news. The next
newsletter will come out mid-February. If you would like your group or ESIP
collaboration to be highlighted send your article to Erin Robinson (
erinrobinson at esipfed.org) by February 11, 2011. Have a safe and happy
holiday! See you in January!
Erin Robinson
Information and Virtual Community Director
Foundation for Earth Science - www.esipfed.org

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phone: 314.369.9954
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