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Ullman, Richard E. (GSFC-5860) richard.ullman at nasa.gov
Thu Jan 27 12:03:10 EST 2011

NASA Data Systems Stakeholders:

In 2008, the NASA Earth Science Data Systems Working Group (ESDSWG) Standards Process Group (SPG) recommended endorsement of the Global Change Master Directory's Directory Interchange Format (DIF) metadata specification as a NASA-endorsed standard.  Now the DIF is being modified for improved interoperability with the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM) and the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 19115 metadata standards. This Request for Comments (RFC) is being offered as a technical note update to the DIF standard, in order to document the recent modifications.

The DIF Updates RFC and supporting documents can be found here:

The scope of the present review is the "operational usability" of the DIF modifications.  We have forwarded these questions to you because you are known to be a NASA stakeholder who is likely to have experience with the DIF specification.  Suggested review questions for these DIF modifications are available from the same web site, and provided inline below.

The Standards Process Group is charged with recommending data systems standards that will enhance interoperation of Earth science data systems within the agency and with partnering organizations.  We do this through open review of proposed standards and technical notes submitted by community stakeholders for endorsement by NASA.  It is absolutely essential that members of communities that may be impacted by such endorsement provide input in this process.

We appreciate your feedback by February 28, 2011.  Comments should be sent to spg-rfc-023 at lists.nasa.gov.

Thank you

Richard Ullman
For the SPG

= = = = = = =

1.     Please provide your name, organization and contact information, including email address. (This information will not be shared.)

2.     Are you answering for your entire organization, for a smaller group, or individually?
            _____ a) Entire organization
            _____ b) Smaller group (please specify) _______________
            _____ c) Individual response

3.     Are you a data producer, data consumer, or both?
            _____ a) Producer      _____ b) Consumer            _____ c) Both

4.     Please describe how the DIF is used in your organization.

5.     Does this technical note contain internal inconsistencies? If so, please provide details.

6.     Is any part of the technical note ambiguous or poorly explained? If so, please provide details.

7.     How will your organization or group respond to the DIF changes documented in this technical note?  In particular, do you plan to update existing DIFs to take advantage of the new sub-fields available for publications / references?

8.     Should the SPG endorse this RFC as a Technical Note - why or why not?

Richard Ullman, NASA GSFC, Code 586

+1 240 684-0718 (office)
+1 240 565 5268 (cell)
richard.ullman at nasa.gov

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