[ESIP-all] FYI: Scentific Data Management Workshop report available

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Steve, Many thanks for this (since I did some work on it) and because it concludes that it is important to read this report - see http://semanticommunity.info/A_NITRD_Dashboard/Designing_a_Digital_Future


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Colleagues asked me to share this information. Cheers,   Steve

ESIP Members:

We are pleased to transmit the Report from the Scientific Data Management (SDM) Workshop that was held June 30 - July 1, 2010 at the US EPA Headquarters in Washington DC.

This Report is a consensus document drafted by the SDM Drafting Team and reviewed by all of the Workshop participants and sponsors. If you have comments or questions regarding the workshop or the report, please contact the CENDI Secretariat (sdm_inquiries at iiaweb.com), and they will make sure that any questions you have are addressed or forwarded to the appropriate organization(s) for a response.

On behalf of the SDM Planning Team, we thank our sponsors: (IWGDD - Interagency Working Group on Digital Data, USEPA - United States Environmental Protection Agency, and CENDI - Interagency group of senior Scientific and Technical Information (STI) managers)  for making the Workshop a reality.

To access the report, please retrieve it from EPA’s Science Inventory


or visit the CENDI website:


For reference, EPA has assigned Report No: EPA/600/R-11/053, and the recommended citation is provided on the Science Inventory page.

We hope the results of the Workshop will be an effective step in the development of sound federal data management policies and plans for the United States.

On Behalf of the Planning and Drafting Teams,

Robert Shepanek, US EPA, Chair (retired) Sharon Jordan, DOE, Co-Chair Bonnie C. Carroll, CENDI Secretariat J. R. Candlish, CENDI Secretariat


Steve Young
Senior Advisor
US EPA, Office of Environmental Information
young.steve at epa.gov
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