[ESIP-all] ESIP Testbed Request for Proposal

Ken Keiser keiserk at uah.edu
Tue Aug 23 14:27:25 EDT 2011

We are pleased to announce that funding has been approved to continue supporting the ESIP Testbed.  The Testbed has primarily been guided by the Products and Services Committee with lots of help and participation from other ESIP groups.  Attached is a brief RFP describing the latest approved Testbed activities and providing an opportunity for ESIP members to propose to implement the functionality.  We hope to move the Testbed toward being a more robust and useful asset for the ESIP community so welcome everyone's participation.

Information about current current Testbed activities is available at http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Testbed 

Thanks and feel free to direct questions to me about the RFP.

Ken Keiser

Information Technology and Systems Center
University of Alabama in Huntsville
email: keiserk at uah.edu
phone: 256-824-6825

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