[ESIP-all] Job opening at PO.DAAC

Raskin, Rob (388M) robert.g.raskin at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Aug 26 05:45:31 EDT 2011

Job opening at PO.DAAC/JPL:

• Scientific Applications Software Engineering 2 (Data Scientist)

• NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA

• Serve as science data engineer (data scientist) for sea surface temperature and/or salinity data at the Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center (PO.DAAC).
• Support and develop sea surface temperature and/or salinity data products.
• Validate data products, write user documentation, write read software, and answer user questions.
• Test and implement new tools and algorithms for statistical/mathematical analyses and generation of data products.
• Work independently and with research scientists at JPL and elsewhere.
• Proactively develop and/or manage products that meet the needs of the science community.
• Apply judgment and resources to deploy software solutions, develop value-added data products and services, and support users.
• Work with Customer Tools and Services task to develop user support capabilities.
• Work with the science community to support integration of external products and services into the PO.DAAC data set collection.
• Interact with data and system engineers to design and implement data product solutions.

Required Skills:
• Ph.D. in Oceanography or Atmospheric Science (or M.S. in either discipline and 1 year of experience)
• Broad knowledge of computer and information science, including: structured and object-oriented programming, high level programming languages (C++/C, Java), scientific programming languages (IDL or MATLAB), markup languages (HTML and XML), and scripting languages (Python or Perl)
• Specialized knowledge of sea surface temperature and/or salinity
• Extensive knowledge of applicable industry and/or academic practices and standards in the handling of scientific data.
• Ability to manage large datasets and monitor data quality
• Write clear documentation, correspond with scientists, contribute to scientific papers and reports, represent the PO.DAAC at conferences and meetings
• Successfully work on multiple tasks simultaneously
• Excellent communication skills to interact effectively with data users via email, phone, and in person..
• Proactive, self-starter with excellent interpersonal and presentation skills.
• Excellent attention to fine details.

Desired Skills:
• Knowledge of a wide range of sea surface measurements as collected by NASA and other missions.
• Knowledge of scientific data formats (HDF, netCDF, GRIB) and metadata standards (CF, ISO, DIF).
• Knowledge of Web languages (JavaScript); GIS tools (ArcGIS); database tools (SQL); and best practices of software engineering.
• Understanding of oceanographic and climate applications of satellite data.
• Ability to carry out research in sea surface temperature or salinity.
• Experience with data interoperability.

Preference given to applicants with US citizenship or green card.
Apply online by Sept 8 at:
(Position #10369)
For questions, contact Rob Raskin <raskin at jpl.nasa.gov>

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